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How do you date people outside of your social circle?

I have a tiny social circle and the few girls that are in my circle are either taken or not interested, so how do I get about meeting new people?

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  1. Ask the girls in your social circle if they know any girls outside that circle that might be interested ???

    In non-covid times possibly joining some co-ed sports group or social activity that interests you.

  2. Talk to women spontaneously when you are going about your day. It takes a while to learn, but it can be learned. Best place for me was on campus, lots of single girls and very friendly. You can literally stop and talk to anyone they are usually pretty chill.

  3. I know where you’re coming from, I had a pretty tight social circle when I was in my 20’s, the good this was it was very welcoming so nobody got weird if you showed up with a friend nobody knew. But to your question, I would make an effort to do things and go places outside of my social group, we kind of hung out in the same places and never strayed too far from home. I had a couple of activities that I did that was completely outside my social group, so a few nights a week I “disappeared” and did my think with a totally different set of people. It’s really up to you.

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