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How do you cuddle/sleep with a woman without losing your arm in the process?

How do you cuddle/sleep with a woman without losing your arm in the process?

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  1. Spoon. Both of your heads on the same pillow. Tuck your arm into the little bit of space between her neck, the bed, and the pillow.

    Saves my arm abt 50% of the time

  2. Use the space between the edge of her pillow and her neck as a gap through which you can slip you arm in & out. Be sure to have your pillow stick to her the same way, so you won’t have neck pain the next day 🤟

  3. Just wanna add a female perspective here, just tell her if your arm’s gonna die. Unless she’s a really shit person she won’t mind shuffling around a bit until you find a position where your arm survives and you’re both comfortable. Communication is key, even with cuddling!

  4. I prefer to be the pillow-person of the two and usually I let my partner’s head rest on the conjunction between my chest and shoulder (can’t remember how’s called) instead of my arm, so I can then flex said arm to hug them and have my second arm totally free 🙂

  5. That’s a very good question. The first girlfriend I slept with regularly I sneeked out of the bed when she was asleep and curled up on the floor like a car next to her.
    Pretty odd I know but I couldn’t get used to sleeping next to someone.

  6. Be honest about when it’s falling asleep. We don’t care. Just touch our booty or arm. Remain body contact even if it’s just toes.

    Unless of course she seems to be inching away. Means she’s a touchless sleeper

  7. It’s been years and im still working this out. The amount of times i’ve had dreams that end when i suddenly lose an arm for no reason is staggering. Good part is that my woman doesn’t ask what the hell is wrong with me when i wake up flopping my dead arm around.

  8. If I’m the big spoon with another woman I put my arm under the pillow her head is on but have it above where her head is. Sort of in between her head and the bed head. If that makes sense. That way no arm is under no head, but we’re still spooning. I like it like that as a little spoon as well

  9. haha i love this. sleep cuddling isn’t really a long haul
    option. if you want to sleep and still maintain bodily contact ask her to sleep on your chest whilst you lie on your back. that way you can get your arms around her and she can do the same. alternatively you can try and place your head on her shoulder or she can do this to you. rather than clamping your arm down it should be fairly free to move around if her head is more on your body than your arm. my bfs fave is sleeping with his head on my chest and im sort of resting my head on his head as we hug sideways facing each other – it’s just comfy, don’t know why.

  10. If I’m laying on my right side, my right arm is usually under her neck and then downward across her chest, left arm is under her arm and crosses upward across her chest her body is pressed against mine very closely and I just hold her. At some point we both wake at the same time, turn over, kiss and say I love you, and then her arm is under mine across my chest holding me. We usually go back and forth like this a few times per night always waking up to smile, kiss, say I love you and then back to sleep. It’s pretty damn sweet. I fucking love her ❤

  11. Accept your fate. If you can’t find out how to do it on your own you’ll never be able to keep your arm intact.

    What I used to do was put it under her pillow when we would spoon and kinda hook it around, propped her head up a little bit so she was comfier and didn’t make my arm fall off. Favorite is definitely still her laying on top of me though, nothing feels that good

  12. Use a smushable pillow, put it on your stretched out elbow and put her head on top or slightly above the pillow.

    If you need to remove arm, its easy because the pillow cushions it and if you want to stay there it will stop your circulation from being cut off and your arm slowly dying on you.

    With smushable i mean these tubular airplane pillows, just empty out about 20-35% of the plastic ball stuffing so it isnt so blocky and more malleable. Takes about 15min if you are good at sewing and maybe an hour if you are not.

    Love that pillow and cant sleep without one anymore because it molds around your head. Feels like laying on a cloud 😀

  13. instead of putting your (right) arm through the gap under her neck, just tuck your arm in under the pillow so that your head would be resting on your forearm if the pillow wasnt there. Sort of like a triangle shape

    super comfy, no dead arms, left arm goes around her still to cuddle. i find two pillows helps

    (reversible obviously)

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