How do you clean your sink of shaving/beard trimmings?

The stuff gets everywhere and no matter what I do, I always discover more the next time I’m at the sink.

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  1. I bring a small trash can when I shave and get most of the hair in that instead of the sink.

    Put a towel under it and get any escaping bits of hair on that. No hair in sink.

  2. Dated a clean freak once. Did get a good tip on this.

    Just dampen a small piece of toilet paper. Most of the hairs will stick to it.

    Then just rinse whatever little is left. Should be done in less than 2 minutes.

  3. Lay down newspaper or a shopping bag or other form of lining over the counter, unless you live in a land where toilet paper is still plentiful, then you could use that, I suppose. Anyway, shave over that material instead of over the bare sink.

    Alternatively, shave over a garbage can, whether that’s a small one put on the counter or a larger one where you have access to a mirror at the same time.

    Either way, very little, if any, ever gets into the sink, and what little there would be would be from rinsing the razor off.

  4. I have a smock-like thing that suctions to the bathroom mirror and Velcros around my neck (like the cover a barber puts on you for a haircut). It catches 90% of the beard trimmings and I can just roll the hairs together and throw the ball in the trash. Anything else gets a wet paper towel clean up or get vacuumed off the floor

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