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How do you cheer yourself up if a date gets cancelled

How do you cheer yourself up if a date gets cancelled

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  1. Fill the time with your favorite hobby, or find a friend to hang with. You could also take yourself on a date. Treat yourself to a nice dinner and pig out.

  2. Last time this happened I remembered one of my close friends was supposed to go clubbing with a mate but dropped out last minute.

    Ended up clubbing with him and whole night ended up really well

  3. Go out, get yourself 6 new friends, and slowly drink them to death until you’re alone again.

    Jk, I dont drink. But like, depends on why it was cancelled. If ita like a straight up legitimate reason, try and reschedule, figure out if theres an alternative. If it’s like getting brushed off, yeah, it hurts and stings, but try not to really dwell on it, and do something for yourself instead. You were already going to spend the time doing something, make it for you now, go out with yourself. Ask about things later if you really want to go that route, but otherwise, try to take advantage of the situation, even if its disappointing

  4. Talk to someone about it. When I was in high school I had a date with this super hot girl. We agreed to meet at the train station and go into the city for the day. I rode my bike to the train station; it was a long ride because of where she lived. Then…she stood me up. Didn’t show.

    I was pretty exhausted, physically and emotionally, so decided to take a cab home. After a few minutes of riding in silence the driver struck up a convo with me. I told him what happened and we ended up having this great discussion about life and dating.

    It ended up being a pretty good day overall. Got more fulfillment from talking to a stranger than I probably would have on a date with a vapid girl.

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