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How do you ask a girl you might be interested in?

I know this might be a over-asked question but I’m gonna go ahead and do it.

I’m 26 (M) never been in a relationship. For the most part I’ve never really thought about it. Plus I’ve had a bit of a hectic life where I couldn’t even keep relationships with friends (much less with a gf).

I have my issues: overweight (working on it -starting to wear old cloths that didn’t fit), acne (that’s something I’ve managed left me with scars -oh well), 31C5 size like most people (~5.6inch BPEL, 4 inch girth – I’ve been told it’s average but I think girth is an issue).

I can deal with these issues and I feel confident for the most part they don’t bother me (maybe the weight does but like I said I’m working on it).

So question is what is the best way to approach a girl I might be interested in? Should I make it casual first or just go straight and let her know?

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I know it might sound dumb asking this but I don’t have a “father” figure to ask (dad died when I was a 8) and like I said there really isn’t anyone I can go to for this type of advice.

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  1. First off, don’t worry about dick size ever. Learn how to satisfy a woman and it won’t matter. Now, about the question: Practice about twenty times in the mirror:

    “Hey, I was wondering if you would like to get together for (coffee/drinks/lunch) sometime?” Be firm, and be brief. If she says “yes”, you’ll say “great, when are you free?” And you’ll have already plotted out some suggested places, or ask her if there is one place she wants to go. Also, I always offer to pay, if they insist on paying their portion, I give them one chance to refuse my offer to pay again, but then I don’t argue. Many women nowadays want to pay so they make it clear there is nothing expected in the way of sex.

    Good luck, I have a feeling she’s going to say yes.

    EDIT: If she declines, don’t beat yourself up over it and you’ll have the experience. But do NOT appear desperate or forceful. Just let it go. Act like it doesn’t bother you. Be confident, women love confidence.

  2. Make it casual first:

    1. develop a relationship with said person if not already; ideal situation is some kind of friendship where you don’t call each other the dreaded word (“friend/best friend”)

    2. Early on make it clear that you find this other person attractive, both for her look and her character/qualities, do this in a clear manner but don’t exaggerate: say what you think. Honesty is the best policy here. The other person should be doing the same (if not shy)

    3. When you feel like there’s something on the other side ask her out. Have a plan to ask her out, don’t just “hey, we should go to a bar or something, your choice :)”, it’s much better if you plan ahead based on how well you know each other

    3a. Long time acquaintance and you finally decided to shoot your shot? Go big: you don’t need to get to know her, you need to make it clear that you’re romantically interested. I would choose dinner or event together.

    3b. New person in your life? Go easy: just find a public spot where you can talk and relax the two of you (focus on “the two of you”: public space with no friends involved). Second date you plan depending on how did the first one go, go a little bigger though.

    Rules to follow:

    1. Be yourself: yup, cheesy as hell, but you don’t want to be in a relationship where you have to pretend you’re something you’re not, trust me. Do try to show off your good qualities though.

    2. Don’t be creepy or sleazy

    3. Don’t be too aggressive or persistent: give it time and if you’re not sure if there’s interest on the other side, the worst thing you can do is to force it

    4. Have fun: the main objective of dating and developing and having a relationship is to have fun, never ever ever ever forget it.

    One last thing: it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to read signals wrong, if it’s the right person, you’ll both laugh about it in the future, if it’s not those small mistakes won’t have changed anything

  3. From the little information you have given (don’t mention your dick size ever again. Nobody cares) I would ask her to help you pick out some new cloths. That way you two can have a friendly so called date and you will know how she feels about things, even you.

  4. IMO its better to get to know them from the position of being ‘just friends’. If you see them as more you should take it slow. Just try to have a good time with them. “Hang out” instead of “going on dates”. You can still flirt, use double entendre, and touch (given the right response); but you shouldnt be very forward with how you feel. Your actions should tell that story for you. Dont ruin it by saying it. Just act like it.

    Personally I dont think its a good idea at all to text a lot. I would save this for setting up dates. And just be busy / have your own life outside of them.

  5. Don’t befriend a girl if you want to date her. Just be honest about your interest from the get go. And don’t make it a big thing – “hey, wanna go grab a coffee/drink at <place you like>.” You’ll be rejected plenty of times, when you are, smile, thank them for being honest, and move on.

    The problem guys with no game tend to have is they fixate all of their interest on one woman and then build her up in their minds so much that rejection is heartbreaking every time. It doesn’t need to be. On top of that, think of the pressure of having someone put you on a pedestal. Girls hate that.

    So yeah, casual. Dating is supposed to be fun.

  6. The way i did it, was i just go up to a woman and say “Can we go out —-> (bar ,starbucks, dinner) ?”. I always did that and it caught a lot of woman. I always kept it simple and straight up. I do not do that romantic bs or anything extra. I just go straight up and tell the girl i like them and if we can go out. If they say, no. then they say, no. I have no problem. I would rather just ask them straight up, instead of pondering what methods should i ask her out, then end up seeing them leave without asking them out. Don’t worry about penis size. You do not need an enormous 20 inch ding dong on steroids. You should not be in a relationship if it concerns your outside,

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