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How do y’all remove pubic hair?

I’ve hear good things about Veet cream, but the ones available to me says to not use in the sensitive areas, and I don’t want to get a rash on my 31C5.

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  1. Disposable razor for the shaft and balls for that tidy feeling.

    The precision trimmer on my clippers for the actual bulk of the pubic area up top. Never take that part bald to avoid ingrowns, just trim it down.

  2. I once had to use either Nair or Veet before surgery. I feel it wasn’t strong enough to do much more than dry out the thicker hairs. Plus the person helping me timed it a little wrong. I got a damned painful chemical burn that her and I both still joke about to this day and it happened like 20 years ago. That said, I concur with the advice from u/HilariousInHindsight below as my experience with hair removal cream while HilariousInHindsight, was not a pleasant experience.

  3. I grab any conditioner bottle that’s on sale and use that instead of razor cream. I use it for my groin, face and chest and haven’t had razor burn or ingrown since. That’s been over 15-20 years.

  4. Use a high quality razor. Shave in the direction of the hair. Not against it. It won’t be buttery smooth. But it’s close enough. Dollar shave club makes good before during and after care products.

  5. I use a multigroomer from Philips. The body razor gives a clean shave and I never have to worry about cutting my ballsack. Another bonus: no skin irritation

  6. I’ve only ever shaved for my vasectomy. Trimmed everything with an electric trimmer then shaved my balls with a disposable razor. Went well, no cuts. Actually liked the feel when shaved, but way to much work.

  7. I wax, both balls and pubic area. Sometimes I shave my scrotum with a disposable razor (in the shower, use shaving foam or oil) if I can’t be bothered to keep up the maintenance.

    If waxing, the hairs will often grow back at different times, so I keep up the maintenance with a tweezer. I do have an IPL but it takes weeks and weeks of usage and I haven’t been that consistent.

    With any and all of these hair removal methods, use a good moisturiser afterwards. I like to use Bio Oil.

    Feel free to ask me any specifics

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