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How do y’all get out of a mental slump?

I’ve been working out, eating healthy and very happy the last few months despite the bullshit that this world is going through and starting last week I lost ALL motivation. I’ve been feeling alone, like I’m on autopilot and I just know that this isn’t who I am….anyone else ever go through this?

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  1. I lost all motivation as well. I told myself, “I haven’t done a track day or gone to a car show in 2 years. 2020 is gonna be the year i turn that around.” Then 2020 was like, “Yeah, hey, everything’s closed.” There’s one of my cars i haven’t even woken up yet. The passenger seat is now covered in mold. On the weekends i tell myself, “Eh, it’s the weekend i don’t want to waste it being in the garage under the car all dirty and sweaty. I’ll do it on a weekday.” Then i get off work during the week and i’m like, “Uhg, i worked all day i don’t want to be in the garage all dirty and sweaty.”

    I really feel like this year has stolen a lot of my passion and motivation.

    You know, to be quite honest, and this may seem more conspiratorial or something, but for many years i had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I felt like we (Earth) were moving toward something, i couldn’t tell what it was, good or bad, but i felt like something big– bigger than humanity– was coming. But at the beginning of this year or maybe the end of last year that feeling completely vanished. That feeling had been following me for many years of my life and it was suddenly gone. I don’t know, but being without that feeling has made me more unsettled and uncomfortable than having it to begin with. And then i look around at what has happened since, and it nags at me. I dunno, may be unrelated, may be nothing, but it’s something i often think about.

  2. Have a cheat meal and take 5-7 days off of the gym. If you consume a lot of caffeine, but back for those 5-7 days. I do this every 3 months or so to avoid burn outs. I’m usually itching to get back by the end of that week.

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