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How do I survive a drinking trip with the boys?

Looking for some advice. Got an all inclusive week booked in Cabo with some of my friends. Very excited however as someone who leans on the more introverted side of the spectrum, I usually need some alone time to recharge, especially after a day of partying, let alone multiple days (well be sharing rooms).

Would love to hear some ways to avoid gnarly hangovers and keep that momentum. I know that I could obviously take a day off and it may come to that but was looking for some tips.

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  1. a week is a very very long time, i am in pain for you right now.

    echoing everyone’s suggestions of staying hydrated and pacing yourself, but I will add that you need to eat heartily as well.

    Also, light beers go a long way on benders. stay away from the hard stuff. “liquor before beer…”

  2. As an introvert myself I can tell you there’s no better social lubricant than alcohol. Just pace yourself! Don’t feel like you need to keep up with anyone. Don’t bow to peer pressure about doing another keg stand or whatever. Alternate between drink and water. Or a club soda and lime if you don’t want to be called out for not drinking.

  3. Was a drunk for years. Bartender with a problem but I could handle anything if I followed this one rule. Every 3 alcohol drinks drink a glass of water. A full glass. And you will see the power of water. Your welcome.

  4. If you can muster the strength to wake up before everyone else on the trip, take that opportunity to go for a walk or get breakfast. Go take a solo dip in the pool or ocean. Walk around the resort. These tactics got me thru a four day bachelor party.

    Also-drink a lot of water and alka-seltzer is an underrated cure.

  5. Cant believe no one has said this because it’s a fucking wonder cure for hangovers.


    Lots of pedialyte. Drink it before bed, drink it in the morning, have one after day drinking, just drink a shit ton of it….the stuff is fantastic and water alone doesn’t replenish as it lacks the proper electrolytes. Gatorade does as well and is so full of sugar.

    They sell packets of powder form and id suggest packing a lot of it….For the introverted part, cocaine and/or alcohol as well.

    One other thing, sunscreen, if you are any type of fairer complexion especially, that sun down there can fuck you up.

  6. There are rules of engagement for binge drinking, which largely apply to one hard night out.

    1.) Always beware of your level. 1-10. 2 is a buzz, 5 is nicely drunk, 7/8 being the sweet spot, might be a bit slurry. 9+ is drunk limbo territory, and there’s never any reason to go that far.

    2.) Don’t buy into peer pressure for another round after being 6/7.

    3.) Be in decent physical condition. Not shape wise, but make sure to eat something substantial before. And stay hydrated While you’re drinking. That’ll stave off hangovers.

    4.) Don’t drink and drive. Duh.

    5.) If you don’t particularly care about your liver keep some Tylenol on hand. It’ll be extra rough on it but will help you metabolize/break down yesterday’s booze to make space for today’s booze.

    6.) If you’re not gonna be good, at the least be safe about it.

  7. Did this last year right as COVID was hitting with some friends from work.

    My rule that helped me survive was to ONLY drink beer/hard seltzer and of course water. That way I could easily count what I’d had and couldn’t go too overboard. My friends who’d brought almost 2 gallons of liquor meanwhile killed their livers and didn’t wake up until 10-11.

    While they were getting silly drunk I self-assigned myself the title as bartender which distracted from the fact I wasn’t joining them on crushing the Tito’s.

    Then when they did wake up late, I had already been awake for 3 hours, had my introvert peace and quiet and enjoyed a few cups of coffee. Feeling good I usually had time to make everyone pancakes & bacon for breakfast. HERO

    Try what you think will work for you. You got this 🙌🏼

  8. As a recovering alcoholic, I cannot stress hydration enough. Drink lots of water. I also found that certain vitamins can help with hangovers. Beyond that, I’m an introvert myself, but that fades when ping-ponging between headaches and nausea to euphoric drunkenness.

    Just drink responsibly, and know when to call it a night. If someone is telling you it’s time to call it quits, that’s a good sign you should find your bed and pass out.

  9. Try drinking water as well as alcohol to resource hang over. As far as alone time make up some excuse like I want to take an afternoon nap when no one else is using the bed room.

  10. If you’re worried about being hungover, be careful not to drink too much and stay hydrated. As to being introverted, make sure to spend a bit of time each day alone.

  11. Weed and more booze cures most hangovers for me – start as soon as you wake up. As others have said, to avoid a hang over drink TONS of water. For alone time, just tell your friends you’ve gotta take a massive shit and might be a while. Instead of heading to your room, go for a walk. If you don’t wanna lie to your friends, just be honest with them, tell em you need to recharge alone. I find most people don’t care.

  12. Follow the “Chase it with a beer” scene in “Coyote Ugly”. The bartender had an empty beer bottle so when someone bought her a shot, she “chased” it with a beer…. she spit the shot into the empty bottle.

  13. Keep your inner hydro-homie close at hand. Seriously, drink water/gatorade/juice every few drinks. Eat regularly, and don’t drink on empty stomach. Take a piss, and drink a glass/bottle of water before going to sleep every night.

  14. Accept that you will not be allowed to sleep and that you will be filled with more rage than you have ever experienced in your life. You will never speak to at least two of these people ever again because of this experience.

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