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How do I stop being prideful?

How did you beat your pride? How do I become a loving person for my family when I have old anger I need to deal with? How do I open up when I’m afraid of being hurt?

And any general tips you may want to tell a 22 year old.

Thank you. I don’t feel comfortable talking about this with people I know

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  1. Therapy. I’ve started it at 37 and wish that I did years ago. It’ll seem a bit silly at first, but stick with it and if the person you’re working with doesn’t work try someone else.

    Best of luck.

  2. Oh definitely.I actually think that 22 is pretty on track for this kind of introspection, good for you! I am pretty prideful myself, and it was at about that age that I became more cognizant of my pride as a barrier to my personal growth. I would suggest that you make every attempt to imagine yourself in another’s shoes. Like, really try. Imagine if you had not had the education or the upbringing you did. How could it have been worse? How could it have been better? Even if someone else’s life seems better, is it really? Do you actually know the struggles others face? No you do not, so get off your high horse. Humble yourself by reminding yourself that even though you may think you are great, there is always room to be better, and that goes for everyone. Instead of judging others for the things that they cannot do, learn of the things that they are capable of that you are not.

    Basically, just work on being aware of the struggles of other, and continue to think about how you treat others and why.

  3. The world will break you. Don’t worry.
    You will see that being prideful of some things doesn’t make you better. Humility and finding mistakes on your own side helps immensely to be a better person who people like.

    There are many things you need to learn and consider.
    You don’t have to be always right. You are not the center of the world. You are for most people just some NPC in their life, maybe a minor side character. The universe is enourmous, the earth is just a tiny speck in that fastness and you are just a tiny shit on that speck. Everything that matter, only matters to you.

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