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How do I stop being a %%%%ing fatass?


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  1. I first had to get rid of being fat as part of my identity. I always identified myself as the “funny fat guy”. I would lose about 20lbs and then stop. Of course, I would put it back on. Then after being hospitalized with acute pancreatitis and finding out I was a type 2 diabetic, I still did nothing. For 3 years, I did nothing but take meds. I don’t know what clicked with me but I started working out. 1-1 1/2 hours a day. 30-45 of cardio in the morning and 30-45 of weights in the evening. Stated losing weight and got to the 20lbs mark. Then I had a friend who is a personal trainer tell me “you’ll never out work a bad diet.” Downloaded the lose it app to help. Then I realized how I identified being fat as part of myself. Like having blue eyes or being tall. Worked on becoming okay with being the less fat funny guy and my relationship with food. Gave up fast food for 6 months. Lost 60 lbs and have kept it off.

  2. Commit to actually doing it my man. Commit to making the better choice, everything will fall into place and work out. You’ll make a lot of bad choices or mistakes but brush them off. Don’t let yourself off the hook easily. Commit bro.

  3. If you drink, stop drinking or severely cut down on it. Alcohol has a lot of calories.

    Find some kind of exercise you actually enjoy. If the gym doesn’t do it for you, maybe take up a sport, or something like martial arts or dancing.

    For dieting, I’d suggest asking a doctor to recommend the best option for your particular situation. Dieting is hard to keep up with and hard to do in a balanced way without either professional advice or some serious research.

    If you have any friends who are also trying to lose weight, you could potentially work together and check in on one another. This depends on your and your friends’ personalities, though, as you don’t want anyone getting discouraged if others are losing weight faster than they are.

    Last, don’t be so down on yourself. Rather than thinking of yourself as a fatass who has to fix your body, try and get excited about the stuff you’ll get to do when you are more in shape. Want to run a mile in a particular amount of time? Or do a certain number of pull-ups? Climb a mountain, or even just have an easier time going about your daily life? Those are some things to look forward to.

    Obviously this all sounds a lot easier than it is. But you *can* pull it off, even if it takes a while.

  4. Think of hunger as more of a rolling thing and temporary. If you can outlast your initial hunger, it will go away pretty fast and you’ll feel normal again. Might help you with impulsive eating if you’re having trouble, I know how hard it can be.

    If you absolutely can’t resist, you can always slowly eat low calorie things (just look around your house for things that are incredibly low calorie, green olives, a cracker, etc.) until it stops or drink a glass of milk or something. Drink a lot of water too because sometimes the feelings of hunger are just dehydration.

    Exercise helps tons but it doesn’t do much if you have an addiction to overeating, good luck.

  5. Eat a nutritious diet at a calorie deficit. It’s not a difficult thing to do but it’s difficult to be consistent. When I figure out how to accomplish that part, I’ll get back to you.

  6. Completely change your life style. It’s probably not just the food you eat, or the lack of exercise, is your entire lifestyle. Dump hobbies that eat time and promote laziness. Take up health hobbies such as cooking and physical activities. And of course, don’t eat garbage

  7. When I needed to lose weight, every meal I would stop eating when I first started getting that ‘almost full’ feeling and noticed that if I stopped there in a few minutes I would feel full even though I didn’t eat more after that. It’s almost like my stomach and brain are a few minutes out of sync. I’m sure if I counted calories, did research, etc. I could have devised an elaborate plan on how to achieve my goal but a simple plan is easier to stick to. You don’t have to become a gym rat, you just have to move more. Your body will acclimate to your activity level. Start by taking a walk around the block when you get home from work (or done with work if you work from home) or just park at the end of the lot if you go anywhere and the weather isn’t terrible. After you get used to that then you can try other things like those 5 minute workouts on YouTube. You’re not going to change everything overnight and there isn’t a cure all, it’s a bunch of little things that add up over time and become habit. Most importantly, no soda and no more than 2 beers a week.

  8. Plan your meals & snacks the day before. It’s much easier to stick to it that way. Have some safe ‘cheats’ ready, such as a veggie party tray in the fridge (ranch dip is ok here) and you can chow down all the veggies you want.

    You can also allow yourself something like 2 cookies per day for a couple weeks, then 1 cookie per day, working down to one cookie per week.

    Big help is to stop eating at 6:30pm every day and be in bed by 10pm. Put off eating breakfast as late as possible.

  9. Sadly, most answers in this thread are wrong. Calories in versus Calories out is a disproved theory that persists. It makes sense from a physical science perspective but does not include the life science aspect. Biology has a strange way of messing with physics. To lose weight, you must eliminate sugars. When you consume sugar, your digestive system switches from burning calories to storing calories as fat. You can eat a link of sausage and calories in, calories out works fine. Add a soda, desert, or any sugars and now everything is stored as fat until digestion is over or insulin level drops. My advice, read “Why we get fat: And what to do about it.” by Taubes.

  10. Commit to giving up beer for two months, download my fitness pal, track your calories in and out, walk 8km a day and listen to some positive podcasts/youtube vids where you learn something to help you build wealth and health. Grant Cardone maybe.

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