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How do I meet the right person who’s super compatible with me?

How do I meet the right person who’s super compatible with me?

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  1. To find said person through one of your hobbies is a good start. That way you can assume you have something in common.

    The usual find your partner in a bar or some club i never understood. What do i have in common with them? Getting drunk? Dancing? Not really things i would consider a hobby. Well, dancing at least not if it is only included in clubbing.

  2. As others have said, it starts with going to places likeminded people frequent. You have to pick one or two things that matter most to you and then meet people there and start narrowing down.

    Example — is your religion of core importance? Then meet people at your house of worship and start narrowing down to people you share other interests with and get along with.

    Are your political views of core importance? Join an activist group and start narrowing down that way.


  3. Go to events where you will find people who share common interests with you. It could be something like a book club, hiking club, anything really.

    You all will at least have something in common that y’all are both passionate about

  4. Be mindful with your expectations on compatibility. My girlfriend and I have been together a over a decade and neither of us are the same people we were when we first met. Mostly this is a positive because we’ve grown together but there are things that have dissolved away. As long as you two maintain some core foundations in regards to things like trust and respect, the rest are things you’ll either appreciate or you won’t.

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