How do I know if a condom fits?

I’ve never thought about using them till now, I tried a medium and that squeezed my penis and was not comfortable. I’m about 6 inches in length with 5.8 inches in girth. What size? How would I know if it fit?

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  1. I don’t know where you live and i’m also not a guy but here in germany there’s always a number for the size on the back of a pack of condoms. That size describes the diameter of the condom and should be around the same as the diameter at the widest part of your dick. There’s tables to convert the circumference at that point (which is easier to measure) to diameter and thus you know your condom size

  2. You’re too thick for regular condoms. For latex condoms you probably need something like a 64mm one. Skyn large are non-latex and may work, you can find those in stores, but for you may feel a little tight and be harder to put on than is ideal (they’re stretchy but only 56mm). There are often variety trial packs of larger sizes you can buy on places like amazon; you want to try something like this:

    Too tight and you’ll notice a red mark around the base of your penis afterwards (from the thicker ring at the base of the condom digging into your flesh) and you’ll find your penis feels numb when wearing the condom. It shouldn’t feel “tight”, squeezed or pressured and you shouldn’t have to struggle to unroll it onto yourself.

  3. Width is usually the most important measurement for condom sizing. Since we’re close to the same width, I can tell you that if you go with Trojans that you will probably do best with magnums, regular ecstacy, magnum ecstacy, or magnum bareskins.

  4. Regular basic condoms fit most guys as the majority is in span of average size.

    Lenghtwise you will fit any condom, as most condoms are around 8″ in lenght.

    Girthwise, you are big. I would suggest 60mm or 69mm width condoms for that girth. Depending where your girth is you might find Magnums or Magnum XLs good, but if you are that girth near the base it will be same as regular condoms. Regular condoms (50-54mm base width), Magnums (54mm base width), Magnum XLs (56mm base width).

  5. I would by a few different ones. If you are in the UK and you are ages 13-24 then you can get a C-Card and get free comdoms from doctors and most medical places. It should fit snugly but not feel uncomfortable.

  6. Basic ones conform to fit basically any guy. If there’s a trampoline near the head and squeezing and noticeably constrictive on the head, one size up. If it’s slack and sagging…sorry, one down.

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