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How do I get out of my slump?

Have any of you ever been in a place in life where you’re not doing much of anything, and you have a hard time actually getting out and getting anything done?

In my situation, I graduated from university in 2020, and since, I have achieved none of my post-graduation goals, and gained about 100 lbs since while being in my slump. I’m trying to get going, and I’m making some progress, but I was wondering what anyone would suggest to get going.

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  1. May not work for everyone, but taking my emotions out on fixing my truck works for me. Girlfriend stress cleans. Brother learns an instrument or hobby.

    In general, I’d say forcing yourself to be productive in some way can slowly help improve your mood. Do something that will give you a reason to feel good or proud of yourself.

  2. That’s a tough one.

    They say the hardest part of getting shit done is getting started. If you can keep that in mind, and just push yourself enough to get a little momentum behind you, maybe the rest will come.

  3. Start pushups and abs daily. I did that and started gym 6months after that. First time i went to gym was 6 december. Best shape i have ever been. Full of energy. Feeling good about myself everyday. Small steps lead to new floors.

  4. Try relaxing a bit and stop trying to live out some story you made up in your mind about where you should be or should be doing. All of that is bologna. Reality itself has nothing to do with your narrative or your expectations. That’s the lesson here. If you want to get out of your slump, stop trying to make reality bend to your narrative and start working with what’s already true. Your life, here and now. Look around you, what is there that needs to be done? start there. I promise you if you take care of the present moment, it will take care of you. Try trusting that for a while and see where you wind up

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