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How do I convince my father 70, to seek physchologocal help?

I can’t get into things since it is extremely identifiable.

But my father for some reason denies any sort of help from family or phychological help.I have suggested it in email format and in person format, but he just denies he needs the help in general.
It is not on aging. It is not an average situation.
He is about to lose his wife and has no friends or family to turn to due to his own reclusive personality.

Is there anything I can say to possibly get him thinking of trying? Of nudging him to make the decision himself?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Help with what exactly? He’s about to loose the love of his life and might already be dealing with it in his own way. If you sent me a e-Mail like that I’d tell you where you could put it. If he in poor health also?

  2. You can encourage him

    You can talk to him and make the case for why he needs psychological help

    You can give him the numbers he needs to call

    However, your father ultimately must accept that he needs the help before he helps himself. You can’t force him.

  3. If this is real and not your perception of the individual, I say that with no intention other than to clarify for absolute certain that a drastic step is necessary. To confirm your position it is only required that you ask those who love him if they would support an intervention. Seek professional help after you have confirmed your perception is valid and generally supported, and discuss this step with that professional and get another opinion if possible. Good luck.

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