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How do I actually make friend’s?

I’ve done the whole go and join groups and clubs or take classes things but I never really seem make any friendships that exist outside of those spaces, and any friendships I actually form that exist outside of a club or activity or something I seem to be relegated to the backup friend that people involve when they need an extra for something.

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  1. Specific to clubs, if you’ve met people in them that you get along with, ask them to do something outside of the group. Don’t expect someone to ask you to do something, take the initiative.

  2. Maybe your hobbies aren’t that good for making friends.

    I imagine with something like Dungeons and Dragons, a good set of people want to make sure everyone feels like their “in”, and allows everyone moments in the spotlight etc.

    It can also sometimes just take time, more time than one may like, but time none the less. It takes time to start to see someone is there for them, and wants to be friends.

    I wish you good luck, it can hard because society is pretty fast paced yknow? But you can find friends!

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