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How did you make your toxic relationship work?

How did you make your toxic relationship work?

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  1. Dated a red head so I definitely know where you’re coming from 😅

    Think about how much time you have left on this earth. Do you really want to spend a couple more years or the rest of your life with someone who won’t stand by your side? Or get with someone else who will make those years the BEST?

    You want to desperately try to please someone but you can’t always. In my case it took a few years but I found an amazing girl who’s everything the red head couldn’t be. You can too!

  2. I’m assuming marriage so my answer would be counseling is the best first step. A support system of trusted marriages in your community circle would be a great addition. Also, not knowing what is causing the toxicity makes it hard to get specific, but these two steps are a great way to help a rough marriage become better.

  3. I left, my ex was super toxic. Our relationship was like if the Titanic was on fire, sinking, being boarded by somali pirates, and experiencing small pox at the same time.


    There is no making a toxic relationship work, its toxic for a reason and I guess I reached this through my past experience. I can go into more detail if you are interested or someone is

  4. You dont. If its toxic you need to leave, and get to a better place for yourself. Toxic relationships are more likely to become abusive relationships than to turn into loving, caring, and respectful ones.

  5. It will never, ever work. Save yourself the headache and get out now. It takes some time after you leave but once you can see things clearly you’ll know it was the best decision. Those small “good moments” aren’t worth it.

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