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How did you make things official with your girl?

How did you make things official with your girl?

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  1. She made a self-deprecating joke and I responded with “hey, that’s my girlfriend you’re talkin’ about”. She said “I’m your girlfriend?” And I said “do you want to be?”. Pretty off hand but it worked like a charm

  2. We made out on her birthday, and the next morning I asked her if she was looking for a relationship or a casual thing. She hesistated to answer, so I said that I was looking more for a relationship, and she agreed.

    And then for the proposal, I had her believe (with an *insane* amount of help from her sister) that we were just going to do a cheap photoshoot at a park. She never saw it coming.

    And here recently, we just had our first kid together, and I was put on the birth certificate as the father! So, there’s all of the different levels of official.

  3. Her last boyfriend had cheated on her stating “we never said it was official” so I made damn sure I’d make it official.

    I went cheesy as fuck and was really worried she’d be put off by it but I said fuck it. Got her a bunch of flowers and a card asking her to be my girlfriend and we are still going 2 years later and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. We were laying on my bed and she asked “am I your gf or what?” and I said “uh…isn’t that kind of obvious? we have talked every day for last 3 months”. To that she replied “Oh…but I want you to ask me.”

    So I asked her very simply and she said of course stupid and now we have been together for six years and married for two of them.

  5. I was into her, I didn’t know if she was into me, one day she sat in my lap and told me I should kiss her. I did. We both liked it, and the next day we went somewhere and ran into some friend of hers (we were holding hands) and she introduced me as her boyfriend. Part of me was like “I’m your boyfriend?” but part of me was like “Hurray!”, so I didn’t disagree.

    I don’t do well with ambiguity, so I liked all of that. She still sits in my lap and tells me it’s time for kissing, and I still like it.

  6. My wife and I were FWB before we got serious. We were out to dinner and we talked and I don’t remember who said it first but we both agreed that we didn’t want a romantic relationship with anyone else

  7. I was just at her house, told her that I had really seen anyone else in a while and didn’t want to see anyone else in the future, so can we commit to being exclusive?

  8. Are you asking about the words to say or the surrounding plans?

    If its about the words, don’t ask her IF you are official, ask her if she WANTS to be official. E.g. do you want to make this official? Or will you be my girlfriend? Show a bit of confidence and that you want to be official

  9. we had never kissed but we knew we both had shared the same feeling. i always waited for some “perfect moment” to just kiss her. no moment was as perfect as any moment.

    we went on vacation and we were just laying in bed and we slowly moved our faces and just kissed. and we got together.

  10. We finally had sex after 5-6 weeks of seeing each other. The next time we hung out, we had a quick ‘conversation’, just to be sure we were on the same page and officially exclusive. Not very exciting, just sort of happens naturally I suppose.

  11. We had an awesome first date. We didn’t want it to end so we went to Taco Bell at midnight to get some freezes. Ended up asking to be my girlfriend in the drive through while we were singing along to AJJ

  12. We never really dated. We were college best friends like I eat her grandma’s cooking to save money kind of friend.

    One day, I had a really bad day and she was yammering about in her usual, energetic self. I exclaimed, “If you don’t shut up, I will kiss you!”. She was taken aback, but it became an inside joke when we wanna shut each other up. A couple of months later, she picked me up from the dorm, because I was famous for being late to exams. The dorm lady like her a lot and gave her keys to my room, saying she is a good influence on me. she was yammering about exams and we are late, I opened the door to push her out(i was still in my yester clothes), but she kissed me and closed the door behind her. I was just shocked, staring at the closed door.

    And that is how I realized my best friend liked me. I married her a year later. Been married for 8 years now. Yes, i was dense af. Don’t scold me.

  13. You ask, I guess.. like “Hey, are we official?” and if she replies with “Yes!” then you probably are, until you find out that she’s cheating on you..

  14. You gotta find out what works for your girl and hit her with that. No two chicks are the same in my experience. Just be real, and truthful then everything will fall into place

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