How close are you to having your shit together?

How close are you to having your shit together?

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  1. *Very* fucking close. But *very* fucking far simultaneously.

    25. Young. Handsome but not remarkably so. Big and buff “I just got out of prison” big. Not “menshealth cover” big. Extremely well dressed. Growing up poor and being bullied for being poor sparked my interest in menswear.Financially stable, moderate to high salary. Homeowner. Home gym owner (thanks to covid). Minimal debt. Have a roommate who pays for my mortgage with her rent. And excess goes into condo renovations.

    I’m not the most emotionally sound (romantically). I have trust/abandonment issues from my ex. Which makes it extremely easy for me to fall in or out of love.

    But in day-to-day affairs I’m quite sound. I have a high pressure job, but am immune to burnout and pressure because for years on end I juggled working full time with being a full time student. So to others it’s unbearable. To me it’s just another day. I’ve been… I don’t know. “Conditioned” to it?

    Im working on my trust issues. Self aware that it’s a problem. But all logic goes out the window if she gets me in my feelings. So I’m kind of also hoping to find myself with a girl that is capable of being understanding while I do sort that out.

    I have *wonderful* friends that I love dearly. But even prior to the virus we were all kind of going our separate ways anyway. My older brother got deployed to Kuwait, one of the guys moved in with his girlfriend and is settling down with her, the other one took a huge job across the country, one of them went back to his hometown because all of us guys lived together and my brother was his best friend so if he wasn’t there he didn’t want to be either. Another one stays in the city not too far from me but is just as married to his job as I am.

    For the most part whatever free time I do get is devoted almost exclusively to fitness and fitness related things. I’m quite fond of having a cigar and whiskey as well, browsing record shops, going into thrift stores and looking for things that I can sell on eBay, going shopping for clothes (usually more looking than buying), going out with my friends when we’re lucky enough to all get together.

    I don’t think I’m in a bad position, especially not at 25. But I’m probably 1/4th to 1/3rd of the man I want to be.

  2. 31, stable employment, got some equity in the house, have some money set aside for emergencies, have some retirement funds, even have a little started for the kid’s college funds. I’d say I’m moderately close to having my shit together

  3. Like to think I always have had in one way or another. Always been quite practical and able to do normal, mundane, but necessary stuff.

    Now 39, so whereas I’m not as well off as I want to be (moving target…) all the basics and a bit more are covered nicely. I’m as sane as someone that’s likely to be stuck in their house for a bit can be!

  4. About 75%. Decided on a career path, found a good relationship, lost 80 pounds. Still have 15 or so pounds to go and also need to get accepted into grad school for next year but I have time for those things.

  5. Very close, just got my associates degree and became a United States Marine, I’m a reservist. I just need 41 more credits for a bachelors in psych and I’m off applying to police departments, I’m also 21

  6. It is a roller coaster. I have my shit together for a period of time and then it goes to hell. I had my shit together till last week. I am trying to pull it together again coz all my classes are online and I have to get keep moving

  7. I couldn’t be as closer and just as far of it as is right now. It feels like I only need a couple of things in my life, as well as a whole year of therapy and medication

  8. I measure having my shit together has having viable finances and realistic goals in life.

    So, I’m *very* close. Just need to pay off my student loans and I’ll be 100% debt free and can start saving long-term. Ask me again by the end of next year,

  9. I just landed the perfect position where my skills, experience, and future career goals align perfectly with the needs of the business I’ll be working for, neither my wife nor I or any family or friends seem likely to die from the ongoing pandemic, and we’re still eating and wiping our asses. I’d say pretty close!

  10. Close, I’m in my last years of highschool and im figuring out what I wanna do and where I’m gonna go ti university. It’s just that I’m slightly unsure of my decisions

  11. My shit was together. Then I decided to switch life to hardmode and buy raw land and build on it without any real formal experience. Now I live like a hobo out of a shipping container until I can build a proper house.

  12. Stable employment? Check
    House? Check
    Wife I want to be with forever? Check
    Good body? Nope
    Stable finances? Nope
    Paid off car? Nope
    Getting rid of vices? Nope

    I’m still a ways away

  13. Like a 6. My life is the most stable it’s ever been. But I have ADD and literally no clue how to manage it, I don’t have insurance, I live on my own, dont know how to add positive routines that dont evaporate when I have a day where things go wrong. Information is hard to digest when you cant focus on literally anything. But I have good friends, am clean and can pass a drug test but no college degree to speak of. Kind of lost in the world atm, but this time I have a good attitude about it.

  14. I’m gonna say I’m halfway there – I’ve developed good workout and eating habits, I’ve also gotten some good hobbies going such as reading and imrpov. My social skills are improving and more receptive and welcoming of criticism than ever. That being said, my professional life is still a mess – make school (whatever level, whether it be high school, college, uni, grad, etc.) matter, its important, fucked around too much in uni and those mistakes catch up to you when you’re actually try to find work.

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