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How can a I be attractive?

I’m 22 Female… Never had a bf or any sort of relationship…
I feel like I can change that via my appearance..
What are some things I can do to change my appearance that will me make men attracted to me? 🙂
Like I do have male friends and we have great banter, talk about new music album but I always back away or they back way…

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  1. This is a bit of a loaded question for any gender. First and foremost, I’d look in the proverbial mirror and ask yourself (and be very honest with yourself) if there’s anything you need to work on, personality-wise. Are you caring, confident, interesting to talk to and fun to hang out with? Do you have goals in life, a job and/or a hobby you’re passionate about? It’s ok if the answer is no to some of these (you don’t have to be the whole package – you still have plenty of time to work on it) but you should make it a priority to work on yourself in this regard.

    As far as physical attractiveness goes, just the basics (which is not to say they are easy. Most of these will take time, money, and patience). Keep clean and smell nice. Find a good hair dresser and get a haircut that fits your face. Experiment with makeup if you want (men love to say they prefer a women that doesn’t wear makeup but what they really mean, without realizing it, is they like subtle makeup). Take care of your skin. Slowly overhaul your wardrobe (if necessary) with clothes that flatter your body and show off your personality. Work out and eat right.

    These are just basic suggestions that fit for pretty much any gender (except maybe the makeup but it’s 2021 so fuck it). The bottom line is, superficial improvement may convince someone to talk to you, but a good personality will keep them interested. Good luck 👍🏻

  2. The answer is to get out there and meet enough people so that you have more chance of finding the person you click with as you are. Maybe (after lockdown) explore your interests and hobbies to make new networks.

  3. Its the same as for men.
    Hit the gym

    Have a good hygiene/ dress nice

    Get some hobbies/goals/ambition

    Work on your personality, be kind, interesting, funny, can take a joke to some extend.

    I dont agree with the makeup part. Natural is awesome.

    Download tinder and get to work.

  4. If you are looking for men that are attracted to you just for your appearance, you’re going to be unfulfilled in my opinion.

    Be yourself and look whatever way makes you feel comfortable, and the right guy will come along.

  5. I think there is some good advice here already, such as u/jhaunki’s post, but I just wanted add my $0.02. When I look back on my relationships, the common thread was that we had compatible personalities. Of course, there were things that I found attractive about them appearance wise, but that is not the most important thing in long term relationships. The more time you spend with the one you care about the more attractive they become. What is important in long term is the ability to have fun together. The factors that effect this are:

    * Personality compatibility
    * Common interests
    * Common values

    I guess what I am trying to say is, **develop good character**, take care of yourself, and find a place where you can meet people with similar interests and values, and the rest will be history.

    Hope this was helpful.


  6. – Get fit. You don’t have to resemble ancient Greek model of beauty, though. Settle for “enough to run for a few kms/miles without risking a heart-stroke”
    – Develop particular style of how you dress. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be particular, it simply needs to be coherent.
    – Avoid too much of make-up. Nothing’s better than natural beauty.
    – Be interesting. Have something interesting to say, something special interests. Intelligence is helluva drug for males.

    Good luck!

  7. PC advice? Just be yourself! Someone will love you for exactly who you are!

    Not PC advice? You see the women that men get all worked up over in entertainment and media? Look and act more like them.

  8. This is all going to sound kind of corny, but I’m actually being bluntly honest.

    * Is there anything about your appearance you would like to improve? If you can improve it, that. Confidence is HUGE for both males and females in being attractive.

    * If you don’t have at least a couple hobbies pick one up. Hobbies tend to eventually land you in a group that partakes in said hobby which can lead to a friendship which can lead to a relationship. Also, if that doesn’t work out (which it may not), guys tend to be really interested in girls if they have their own unique interests that they’re passionate about. I’ve had girl friends in the past be confused why a guy they’d been flirting with wasn’t doing anything with their flirting, meanwhile they were trying to talk about things that he liked doing when they had absolutely no interest in the subject. They probably would have been better off talking about things they were interested in and seeing if he had any overlapping interests.

    * Can’t believe I have to say this, but I’ve seen some things on Reddit. Shower. Deodorant. Shampoo. Brush your teeth. Clip your nails. Shave whatever respective parts of your body you think are appropriate to shave (for women that’s traditionally been legs, armpits, chest, and back, as well as any facial hair [unless you wax or bleach that]). If you want to do a bit more, pluck your eyebrows and change your pillowcase every couple days (you would be amazed what it does for keeping your face clean). You can play with makeup if you want, but honestly, most of what makeup does is enhances features and makes your face look clean/smooth. If you take care of your face/skin you really shouldn’t need all that much makeup (or none or all, or a ton, you do you in this department, I’m just making a point that the primary point of focus here should be taking care of the skin).

    * The most important point is this: Think about why you’re trying to attract guys and genuinely ask yourself what the primary reason is. If it’s because you don’t like yourself and you need someone else to like you to make yourself feel better then focus on self improvement and the attractiveness will come. If it’s because you want to share intimacy with someone else then excellent, I would still recommend self improvement and perhaps a bit of flirting mixed with some “peacocking”. Normally wear sweatpants and a hoodie? Cute! But maybe try a dress or a jeans tanktop combo for a little bit. Maybe get your hair done or wear that bold color of lipstick you save for special occasions (or buy a bold shade of lipstick to wear for special occasions). But be careful “peacocking”, the point isn’t to make guys think this is how you always look and trick them into wanting to be with “the dressed up you” all the time; it’s to give them a hint. I don’t know about every guy, but for me and most of the guys I’ve had as friends we’re basically bricks when it comes to picking up when girls are interested. Putting in a ton of effort on one or more days a week basically says, “I’m not taken. But I’d like to be.” (it is also really good for your confidence, which as I said is a big part of attraction).

    ___Barely related note:___

    Kind of random, but I wanted to mention this because it’s worked wonders for me. I don’t know if you have stomach issues or eat poorly (if you don’t, you can skip this), but I started logging every single nutritional fact of everything I was eating about a month ago and it’s done wonders for that. I personally used a spreadsheet where I would display the sum of the nutritional information for all the foods minus my goal value for each nutritional category then I displayed a conditional color for good or bad (for instance, when the day’s total protein minus the ideal is positive it turns green, but when the day’s total calories minus the ideal is positive it turns red) (there are also apps you can use for this). It seems hella tedious and it definitely is, but if you can stick with it for the first couple of weeks you’re driven to get “all greens” (meet your ideals) at days end. It also kind of incentivizes you to meal prep so things are easier to log ahead of time. If you go over your ideals, don’t get too down on yourself and keep striving for all green the next day. I used to have massive stomach problems and now they are more or less gone. For anybody who may be reading this and has stomach issues or eats poorly, this really helps (it also helps you eat better by showing you “better junk food”; like, I found out a week in that you can eat an absurd amount of unsalted peanuts before they start becoming significant nutritionally).

  9. I would not focus on appearance but rather conversational skills if you feel like you can improve in this area. I would also focus on just living in the present moment more.

    For me the biggest deal breakers are someone who cannot engage/hold their own in conversations and someone who takes life too seriously.

  10. I wouldn’t listen to any advice that recommends drastically changing things about who you are. Just be yourself and have a little confidence behind it and I think you’ll start to see things change.

  11. We all have our limitations physically. You can make improvements to your style, your hair and makeup choices. You can make some improvements to your physique. And it’s worth putting in reasonable time and effort with the above

    But at a certain point you just have to confidently go for it. That doesn’t guarantee you anything and you may end up rejected a bunch but guys have different opinions about what they’re looking for in a partner, and some of them may be looking for what it is you got.

  12. A man cannot tell a woman how to be attractive. You need to learn from other women. Seriously. I give the same advice to guys who ask women how they can be better with girls. It’s like a woman can’t tell you how to become a man, so don’t even try. I know nothing about how you should do your hair, do my our make up, what clothes to wear to make yourself appear sexy. Ask other women.

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