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How big of an issue is it to have a short temper and to easily yell and become aggressive when angered?

How big of an issue is it to have a short temper and to easily yell and become aggressive when angered?

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  1. Ask yourself what the world would be like, if everyone was like me?

    Do I expect special rules for me, or is it okay if everyone yells and is aggressive?

    Could society still function that way?

  2. If you become aggressive and yell when you are angered and you are easily angered then that means you have an anger problem and need cognitive behavioural therapy to work on controlling it or therapy to work through whatever suppressed trauma you have experienced to have you behave in such a way.

    Becoming aggressive and yelling easily is a HUGE issue and is very unhealthy, perhaps lots of people around you do it and that contributes to the idea that it is a normal response but the truth is it is far from normal and it is very unhealthy!

  3. No one wants to be near an unpredictable powder keg. And there are usually other issues driving the temper from deeper down. I’d recommend getting help working through it.

  4. Lol really? No one wants to be around an unpredictable dickhead. How’d you like to get screamed at over a misunderstanding? Not to mention, a lot of women will just shut down around people like that, so that’s a huge problem for you right there.

  5. A big determining factor is how people perceive you. Whether they actually look at you as a threat. If they do, you’ll likely find yourself lonely. If not, you could just be seen as goofy.

  6. Incredibly.

    Many women will just back the fuck away from you because they don’t want to be in a lifetime movie.

    And you’re one outburst next to the wrong person away from being stabbed or having the living shit kicked out of you.

  7. I know that if someone is like that I sure as hell ain’t liking them, they won’t get any respect from me either. Hell, if I ever get the chance I know I’m gonna poke you until I get a tantrum out of you, always entertaining.

  8. I don’t get angry when there is no reason to be angry, but when anger is justifiable, I get much angrier than most people. I don’t recall running into any big problems because of it. I did get into trouble in high school though.

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