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How am I supposed to keep my shirt tucked in?

I’m 6’2″ 140lbs somewhere between a small and medium shirt size. I’ve even tried going up to large for the sleeve length but I swim in it. No matter what I do, I have to tuck my shirt back in the back of my pants every time I get up from my seat, or after driving. I feel more than a little undignified doing it. Is there a secret I don’t know about?

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  1. SHIRT STAYS. These aren’t easy to find in clothing or department stores, and they’re mainly used for military uniforms (which is how I know about them, since I’m military).

    There are different variations, but essentially, they “clip on” to your shirt at 4 points – two in front and two in back- and clip on to your socks or go under your foot, held by elastic. You can adjust the length of the elastic so it can be looser or tighter depending on your preference.

    If you have hairy legs, the elastic will pull hairs from time to time, but after they are broken in, this happens less and less. You also have less hair to pull after awhile. Using the bathroom is also somewhat awkward with hanging straps if you’re going to sit. But again, with practice, it isn’t a big deal.

    Despite the initial discomfort, you get used to them. I guarantee you, however, that the difference is amazing. You will look sharp and feel confident. If there is excess shirt material around your waste, you can add equal width folds to your left and right sides in the back and fasten the folds with a safety pin or other method. Or, just wear shirts that fit properly. Again, it sounds a bit awkward, but you’ll look good.

    Let me know if this helps!

  2. Get a decent belt and make it tight.

    I can wear skimpy shirts that will show your belly if you so much as lean forward, if i tuck them into my trousers and use a belt its all gucci.

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