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Hey gents, what currently is your biggest insecurity? And if you are, what are you doing to tackle it?

Hey gents, what currently is your biggest insecurity? And if you are, what are you doing to tackle it?

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  1. Started a new job with better pay a more responsibility. My insecurity is, can I measure up? I need to learn and grow fast. What I’m doing is applying myself, talking about it to my mentor, keeping tabs of comments that people make at work and being aware of how things are going.

  2. That the more I better myself, the more it hurts my chances with finding my place within the nerdy stuff I like. Just so many people there are heavily insecure, and it’s not that common to meet anyone who likes that stuff that isn’t like that. At least people like that who are not like that are not really looking for new people to hang with.

  3. Growing old.
    It’s a thing. Happens to everyone, and folks under 50 won’t understand until they become folks over 50. 🙂

    I try to stay fit. It’s really the only thing you can do…. But you feel it. Every day.

  4. My memory loss (doing nothing) and just my lifestyle /choices so far (also doing nothing so I don’t expect it to ever get better until I get off my ass but I’m stuck in my comfort zone), low end job tried doing stuff but me being so quiet leaves me in a weird spot

  5. I’m currently looking for a new job because my current role has gone due to internal restructuring. I have failed the interview or simply withdrawn my application for several jobs over the past few months because my anxiety gets so bad I simply can’t function.

    I need to address that, and I have a phone number that a friend gave me that’ll hopefully kick off the process that I’m going to call tomorrow.

  6. I am coming to terms with dying alone, never getting to become and husband and father.

    I am doing everything I am told to do: grinding to get money/stable, hobbies, grooming, going out, gym, etc…I’m exhausted and about done with it all.

  7. Been a bedwetter my entire life basically. Always ha caused self confidence and self esteem issues. Finally met my now wife and opened up to her about it. Having someone to support me has made a huge difference in how I view it and not letting it control me like I used to

  8. What: getting rejected by family and friend (yes, singular form here) after I reveal more information about myself (especially some personality traits I have not been talking about yet, this includes sexual kinks/fetishes).

    How I’m taclking it: be as independent as possible. I’m really good at my job and earn way more money than I’m spending. I’m generally lonely but after recently I moved out of the parents, I started to fix vast array of problems by throwing money at them.

  9. I’ve told my parents about how lonely I am weeks ago and everyday I have felt lonelier than the day before. I registered for in person classes next semester so I hope I can make some friends.

  10. I’m going to die early in an accident or unforeseen shitty health situation and leave my family.

    Doing my best to always plan ahead, make sure paperwork is right, I also tell my best friend some things and my father so they know to help guide my wife through the important things since if I die out of nowhere , my wife is super capable but I’m unsure if she’d be thinking straight for weeks or months or years so rather have a backup .

  11. I’ve learned to love myself for who I am but I can’t seem to find myself attractive enough to be someone’s mate. So I try to watch my caloric intake and start slow with walks because if I make a bold statement of “going to the gym everyday” I know I’ll just berate myself when I miss one and anxiously start binge eating again.

  12. I need to lose weight, but my work is insanely demanding in terms of both intensity and time; I’m too exhausted to exercise after work, and work basically every day including weekends. I’ve tried dieting, because at least that doesn’t take time, but it stops working after a certain point, and any further calorie restrictions make me tired, irritable, and unproductive at work, so that’s not an option. I’ve basically given up on it.

  13. it’s not “what”

    it’s i am insecurity incarnate

    i literally just sit here in my spare time and my emotions just ache away at me, pounding in my head and heart


    i send the fucking pot and alcohol down but it barely works

  14. My appearance is my biggest insecurity. I am tackling it by mentally forcing myself to believe I actually am attractive in the end, and also cosmetically upgrading myself the way I like to. Rings, bracelets, painted nails etc.

    Working pretty decently so far. The ladies dont mind either, so that helps even more.

  15. Being alone and single. At 26 I have never been in a relationship or been intimate with anyone. The lonelines hurts physically and feels like it is slowly eating away at my soul.

    I try my best to be a good person, be kind, be healthy and improve in any way I can. But it is just never enough. I am not exciting, or confident enough for consideration. I’m not about to stop trying, but I’d be lying if I said it isn’t increasingly tormenting me.

  16. My looks overall.

    Working on my weight, so that’s WIP with the gastric bypass and such ( 175+ down so far at least).

    But everything else is just …I don’t see anything good. Me and my started dipping our toes into the Poly life. She’s been able to find plenty of guys to talk to…me though? Not a damn 2nd person at all, and that just reinforces my insecurities overall.

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