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Help! I need a last minute band for a work Christmas party gig this Saturday night!

As it the title says, I am in a bit of a pickle! I had a band booked for my company Christmas party this Saturday but they have had to pull the pin last minute due to the new Covid vax rules kicking in the day before. I know it is late notice and a long shot, but thought I would stretch my tentacles to brisbane and try my luck.

It is absolutely a paid gig (we will feed and water you too if you like) I am not asking for alms here. The band I booked are a genuine jazz band that does cover’s gigs from time to time so this obviously is my preference. My boss is a huge jazz lover and this could very well be his last ever xmas party so I would love nothing more to get someone similar as he was very excited! But, beggars can’t be choosers in my predicament now!

The venue is small in an inner city venue. Happy to compensate for travel if required. The stage is tiny (will most likely fit just a drum kit) but plenty of space for a set up in front of it. I have booked the entire place and this particular bar will just be for the band/dancing. 6+ people in the band will be pushing it. The venue also has all the AV hookups required. You won’t be needed any longer than 2.5 hours I would imagine, but as stated, you will be paid for your time accordingly.

My company has an incredibly diverse demographic so ideally having songs over the decades to cover would be super! We are a real hybrid bunch and I just want to make sure everyone has the chance for a boogie if they want to.

If you are an in band or know of anyone that is who are all double vaxxed per the new guidelines, please dm me for more info. I appreciate any and all offers! I can’t attend the party I have planned either so I really don’t want to let my work peeps down now they all think there will be live music!

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Edit to mention: A 8:30 or 9pm start for the band would be best.

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