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Help (European student who should come to study to Queensland university)

Dear aussies,

***Help me*** understand this mess, my uni is useless, I have no experience with pandemics & visas and I know nobody who lived in Australia

I am so confused about the rules, so I decided to rely on the most reliable source : brisbane.

I am MBA student in Brussels, and I should be coming to study at Queensland for 6 months from february 2022 (the exchange is part of my studies). But I guess it won’t be able due to COVID…?

If I understand correctly, australians who are abroad and have a visa, or individuals who are residents in Australia, could come back to Australia if they have negative test and then go to the COVID hotels. ( If they manage to find a plane to take them back of course).

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Here is my first doubt : As I would be coming for studying, I should apply for a visa student. The visa student does not allow me to be entitled to be in the categories that can travel to Australia ? How long does the procedure take ? Do they give visas with border being closed?

Basically my main question is does the visa student allows me to come to Australia and go to a quarantine hotel, and once I am done, I can stay in Australia ?

I don’t understand this, because most journals says that international students can not come back, yet they are 50/60 students that are coming back (it’s very little I know). But how come are those 60 coming back ? Are those students coming from safe zones, found a plane to australia and made the quarantine, or maybe they have a special status ?

Finally, but I guess nobody knows, what if I am vaccinated ( I should be fully vaccinated by end of september) ?


I am sorry but I really need help, if I don’t get an international experience I can not finish my Master, and lol, my uni does not provide me another destination, and are not helping me. They just say ” idk, wait, good luck bro”

Ah well any help would be so much appreciated, and I hope to see some of you in Brisbane one day 🙂

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