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Hello Fresh Freebies for anyone in need

Hey guys,
If there’s anyone out there doing it tough or needs some food delivered over the next few weeks, I have 4 freebie hellofresh boxes so you can get your first week of meals for free. Just make sure to cancel it after your free meals are delivered so that they don’t charge you for the next week.

If you’d like one please shoot me a DM with your email so that I can send it across to you! I’ll reply to this thread when all 4 boxes have been claimed, but will also return back here in future weeks if I get more free boxes as they usually come up every few months.

I also have a referral code for $50 off, which makes the 3 meals for 2 people option about $15. Not sure if this would be helpful to anybody. Same as above make sure to cancel after your first box. The code for $50 off is HS-VDBOX108X and can be used by anyone.

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