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Healthy men of reddit: what are you guys doing to keep your teeth healthy

I always see a lot of old people with fake or messed up teeth, how do I keep my teeth healthy as I age.

Will flossing and brushing daily do the trick or is diet also a big factor?

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  1. It’s really as simple as you think. Flossing and brushing daily is essential. It’s not really ‘up for debate’, just do it every day. Mouthwash is supposedly good too, particularly fluoride ones, but for sure the brushing and flossing.

    Just keep in mind genetics play a big role too. Some people are just naturally less prone to the build-up of harmful plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

    Maybe genetics isn’t the perfect answer but the mouth has a microbiome just like the gut and some can be more or less susceptible to the bad stuff. So you’re bound to encounter some serious anecdotes on the far ends of the spectrum.

  2. Highly acidic things are bad for your teeth, and it’s how long you expose your teeth to them that determines how bad it is, not how much passes through your mouth in a short period of time.

    Drinking a liter of cola might be the same to your waistline whether you drink it all in one go or sip it over your whole workday, but the latter is *way* worse for your teeth.

  3. Just brush and floss everyday and you’ll be fine. The “playing field” is skewed because a lot of people whitened their teeth and/or had surgery (mostly teeth whitening). The normal “white” teeth aren’t normal at all.

    This is a good representation of it: [Picture](×395.jpg.optimal.jpg)

    I brush and floss multiple times a day while my brother doesn’t even floss and brushes every other 2-3 days. He still has nicer looking teeth LOL.

  4. Brush your teeth gently or you’ll wear away the enamel. Move the bristles from the gum outward or you’ll recede your gumline.

    Source: several thousand dollars of personal experience.

  5. Given a normal and responsible teeth hygiene routine, diet is the biggest factor. Coffee and nicotine abuse is obvious, but carbs, especially starches and sugars, really do a number on your teeth.

    Soda is the best thing to remove from your diet, since it’s high in acid and sugar, the first acting as armor-piercing agent for the second.

  6. I got super fucking lucky and just have super good teeth. Zero cavities and haven’t been to the dentist since I was 17 for my wisdom teeth removal. I’m 32. No braces. I just brush once a day for sure but really try to remember to do it before bed. I could probably stand for a cleaning.

  7. Brush twice a day, floss twice a day, and use mouth rinse once daily. Cut back on sugary drinks. I also recommend not brushing your teeth immediately after eating. You should wait at least a half hour in order to reduce the acid in your mouth and to neutralize the enamel and bacteria. I would also recommend drinking tap water over bottles due to the fact that most bottled water does not contain fluoride which is essential for preventing cavities.

  8. Go in for yearly Cleanings, brush twice a day, floss, mouth wash.

    I didn’t go to the dentist for 5 years, no new cavities, but I have advanced gum disease at age 31. I had to have a periodontal cleaning done ( I do not recommend) now I have to go in and get a cleaning done every 3-6 months. My morning routine Waterpik, brush, mouthwash. Nightly routine is waterpik, mouthwash, brush with enamel toothpaste. Floss twice a week according to dental hygienist.

    Don’t do what I didn’t.

    Edit: Also if you drink highly acidic stuff either chug it or use a straw. If you sip on it, take a drink of water after each sip to wash the acid away.

  9. I brush them twice daily and go to the dentist twice a year for checkups. I think I’ve had one small cavity, but I don’t really remember now.

  10. I use a sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate non whitening tooth paste with an alcohol free mouthwash in the morning. At night I use a non whitening stanus fluoride tooth paste, floss, copper tongue scraper, and straight peroxide as a whitening mouthwash. I could floss and or brush more after meals but Im lazy and single. I avoid gum because I have fillings, crowns, and a delicate missing tooth zone in the back. I stick to water outside of meals except for coffee. My teeth arent the best or the worst but my dentist likes me.

  11. Eating sticky things is bad for your teeth because the food sticks to your teeth and the bacteria come along and that’s what causes cavities. I also learned when eating acidic foods (like citrus fruit for example) softens your teeth and brushing immediately after can actually wear away the enamel so best to rinse with water and brush a little later.

    Floss as much as you can. Brush twice. Get a good electric toothbrush.

  12. Try to have less foods which are acidic, and sugary stuff. Always brush twice a day. Use a medium /soft brush, too much brushing damages the enamel. If you are worried about yellow teeth there are tons of options to fix that but don’t use your brush for that. Mouthwashes are great cause they reach places your brush doesn’t reach, I don’t use a floss. Tongue cleaners are important.

  13. A patient of mine was an oral surgeon.. he said one day “you know what they say, you only floss the teeth you wanna keep.” Been flossing twice a day since lol.

    My oral routine twice a day: brush, floss, listerine, act mouthwash.

  14. Intermittent fasting. When you only eat once a day, it’s not hard to keep your teeth healthy.

    And through the day I drink lots of water (which is good for your teeth), and use mouthwash once or twice a day.

    And don’t rinse your mouth out after brushing either. That fluoride needs time to do its job

  15. Live in a place that has fluoridated water. That’s the only thing I can think of as to why my teeth are so good. I had terrible teeth hygiene growing up, hardly ever brushed, never flossed. I didn’t eat or drink much sugar so that may have helped. I’m now mid 30s and never even had so much as a toothache. No dental work. Yearly check ups are always perfect, just a scale & clean. The only downside is my dysfunctional third eye /s

  16. (58 yrs)

    So a little late for me (too many gone) BUT a water flossier (water pik) and a good electric TB. Makes all the difference in the world. The Pik though! Love that thing, two minutes and your mouth is singing!


  17. Stay hydrated. When you’re dehydrated and have cotton mouth your teeth kind of start to rot. I vape (which I’m trying to stop) so I constantly have cotton mouth so I’ll drink water or eat something that stimulates saliva to keep it moist.

    I also floss and brush in the morning and at night and I scrape my tongue to help with bad breath.

  18. i went from 1-2 cavities a year (with twice daily brushing) to 0 just by rinsing my mouth out with water and then chewing sugar-free gum after any food or non-water beverage.

    apparently this is effective because it stimulates saliva, and saliva is really good at caring for your teeth.

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