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He told me his last name when we met—does that mean he’s interested?

I’m 30F and met a guy while I was sitting at a brewery by myself the other day. We had a great 5 min conversation after he ordered a beer, before he went back to join his friends.

I think there was a spark and after I introduced myself, he seemed to intentionally give me his full name (even though I’d only given him my first name). Is that essentially a way of telling me to look him up?

I did find him on Instagram… and he’s just as cute/interesting-seeming as I thought he’d be 🙂 do I send him a DM?

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  1. You only live once. Reach out and say hello. I used to have introduction cards I would use in that situation. Had a small photo. Contact info. Social media info and a few words. That way I could give it to someone I met and it worked very well.

  2. Perhaps he wanted to open possibilities without pressuring you to disclose your name if you were not ready or interested, at least that’s how I read it. By all means reach out to him.

  3. While he might be interested, it’s also possible that he’s in a career where he’s just used to saying his full name at introduction almost like a reflex. I do this all the time both in person, but now over the phone bc I’m just used to that with clients… He may well still be interested though and you won’t know until you ask, nothing to lose

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