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Have you ever had gay men flirting with you? If so, what was it like?

Have you ever had gay men flirting with you? If so, what was it like?

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  1. I used to live with a lesbian couple. They would occasionally drag me to the gay bar. As a man I rarely get hit on, so I found it to be extremely flattering every time it happened.

    10/10 would recommend.

  2. I’m a gay dude and I’m way too afraid to flirt with guys. The gay population is very small and I don’t want to hit on straight dudes, I think that would be very uncomfortable for them.

  3. If it’s a stranger just be polite and carry on as normal. If I know them or at least know who they are flirt back twice as hard to the point that they get embarrassed. Not in a mean way but in a good spirited joking way. My wife use to work with a gay guy and before he realized who I was (I had already heard about him and knew who he was.) He was flirting one day when I was waiting for her to get off work and I laid it on twice as hard to to the point he started to blush. After she walked out it hit him who I was and I thought he was going to fall in the floor laughing. From then on every time I walked in the door I’d point to him and say “you, me, closet, 5 minutes!” Everyone else looked utterly astonished when he’d say “yes daddy !” Loud enough for everyone to notice. It was a running joke we had until my wife and I moved away.

  4. Yeah – all the bloody time.

    I’m a veteran bodybuilder – shaven head, big beard, gnarly physique – there’s something about my look that gets me a lot of attention.

    If I was gay, I’d be rolling in it, but I sometimes Karma just wants to have a fucking laugh with you 🤣😂

    My wife finds it hilarious btw

  5. I had a full blown confession by two male friends, I must admit that it was the only time I saw someone list actual things about me that they like in a lot of detail.

    Then there was the shock and confusion and paralysis on my side. I will never forget that feeling.

  6. I had a couple of guys complimenting my ass outside of a mall. However I mainly felt startled because that was a dangerous area of my town and when I heard these two suddenly talking to me in the parking lot I thought I was about to get robbed.

  7. A few harmless times sure, a friend of mine is often quite flattering and ill be complimentary to himself.

    Though I had to laugh looking back on a night out with some work colleagues, the bar we went to was across from the guy night club so we would walk over some nights to get dancing and keep the night going.

    At the close of one night, the staff were trying to herd the patrons out, I was sitting in my own on a couch waiting for whoever was left. And a lad drops into the space beside me and puts an arm around and telling me I’m gorgeous, I quickly affirmed I was straight and the lad got up in a huff and spat back “Sure, that’s what they all say” with a bit of venom in there.

    I realised I was the last call, having done much the same in my younger years, running around the nightclub before it closes while looking for a girl that appeared single, granted I’m sure I often looked a state so I never took rejection personally at the time. Its a strange emotion being on the other side that I am unsure if I’m pleased at being attractive or annoyed I was only attractive enough to hit on when there are very few options left.

  8. I called a cab years ago in Long Island and the guy pulls up with his gay buddy in the backseat. The guy sat there on what I assumed was a fake phone call, talking loudly about his friends and whatever and as I ignored him I could tell he was faking the call for the sole purpose of getting a conversation going with whoever was in the cab. Weird. Passed the guy on the street a few weeks later and completely ignored his goofy ass.

  9. Yes. I appreciated how direct they were. I was fine with it, said thanks, but I’m not gay, on occasion shook their hand and that was it. The only weird occasion I had was with a guy 30 years older than me who came out after talking to me casually at work for years. It was creepy because who knows how long he had been harboring those feelings

  10. A few times. It’s a nice compliment but one guy…. It made me realize what women are going through. Gay or not, men can be relentless when they want something. He’d find me on social media sites, got my number from mutual friends, creeped on me at parties, etc… He was constantly asking to suck my cock and that he could do it better than women. It got frustrating real fucking quick.

  11. Flattering. I used to get gay men that would want to touch my hair in bars. They were all pretty chill and I have no negative experiences. Wish I was gay in that respect

  12. I work some nights at a gay strip club. It’s lovely, they’re wonderful people and it’s very flattering. Gotta drop the bomb I’m hetero and then they get bummed out but we have a few drinks together.

  13. Yes, and it was uncomfortable because I felt like if I played along or was nice they would keep pushing the envelope or assume I was interested. And because I didn’t want that assumption happening, I probably came across as rude or boring.

    Oh my god, is that how women feel all the time?!?!

  14. Beggy or Bossy or friendzone never ending gay innuendos. Some guys just want to take a shot say something nice I’m cool with all that but generally I’m not interested in testosterone fueled seriousness. Dick crazy isn’t my idea of fun. Although curious I haven’t gotten turned on by anyone whose out.

  15. In person it’s not too bad. Most are either just overly nice or they’ll flat out ask if I’m gay/bi.

    Online it’s another story. I had to block a guy one time because he was aggressively convinced that he was going to get to have sex with me. Multiple times I’ve caught gay men trying to catfish me on tinder, pretending to be a couple.

  16. Mostly mild and friendly interactions that ended in disapointment when I mentioned im straight. Which wad always ok, might have been giving the wring impression.

    Had one dude open my jacket and rub my belly once, super weird. Another one straight up grabbed my crotch at a party and stared at me like nothing was wrong. Fuck that one, creeped me out a lot.

  17. I felt very flattered, because the two times that it has happened both of the guys were way above me lookswise and what not. And kinda wished I was gay because it was all so simple, they were very direct and they were supernice about rejection.

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