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Has a retail worker ever complimented you? What do you do from there?

Had a barista compliment a shirt I was wearing. Wasn’t sure how to take it so I just said thanks and moved on. My friends all said I should have asked for her number, but I thought that would have been creepy. Thoughts?

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  1. You did the right thing. You say think you. Odds are, she was just being nice, because that’s literally part of the job. If you go there often enough and see her, and she continues to compliment you, then sure, ask for her number, as long as you’re capable of taking no for an answer without being an asshole or awkward.

  2. Yeah, one woman who works at a place I often get lunch complimented my shirt. Weird bit was that she complimented it on two separate occasions a few weeks apart, and it was the same shirt. Not sure if she just forgot she’d already said something about it. Regardless, I think that’s good evidence that she really did like the shirt, and was not just hitting on me.

    And I don’t think you should’ve asked for her number simply as a result of receiving a compliment. If you were into her and would have asked for her number regardless, fine, but if you’d only do so on the assumption that she was flirting with you, don’t. She quite probably just liked your shirt!

  3. You did the right thing. I think most women want to feel free to be nice without it being taken as a come on. If it’s somewhere you frequent, and she approaches you again, you can try to just have a conversation and see where it goes.

  4. “That’s very kind of you to say, thank you” seems a lot more appropriate than interpreting her compliment as an invitation to put her in an unpleasant social situation. Where did your friends learn to talk to service people? Porn movies?

  5. I compliment a stranger every day and have done for decades. However i stopped giving them to men because I got tired of them thinking it was a come on and being weird. It’s a shame but until the majority learn that a compliment is just a compliment, you won’t get them.

  6. I don’t think a cool shirt compliment means that sort of interest. Like someone else said perhaps if you go there often and converse more maybe.

    I feel like it’s be a lot easier for her to write her number on your cup or what not if she’s interested.

  7. No, don’t do that. A woman complimenting you doesn’t have to mean anything.

    See the comments on the post on the front page about women giving men compliments. This is a prime example.

    Compliment != Flirting

  8. Odds she was being nice, it’s sort of apart of her job. You did the right thing It would have been creepy.

    Edit: lmao that downvote, don’t be getting mad because I’m right. Have fun creeping on women whoever you are.

  9. Don’t. Just don’t.

    Retail workers sometimes try to be nice. It’s an effective strategy to attract repeat customers. But there’s the very real danger of customers confusing nice for sexual interest.

    Leave the poor woman alone. Just say, “Thanks!,” give her a smile and the tip she was hoping for, and DO NOT ask her out.

    If she asks you for your number, it’s completely different. Learn to tell the difference.

  10. Was she asking for a tip? I think she was asking you for a tip. She was NOT hitting on you

    3 days ago I look my mother to the doctors

    The nurse says I’m a great son who cares a lot


    Then she says, “I really like your hair, it looks really good on you…

    [keeps staring]

    It would be nice to wake up to.”

    Now that is someone hitting on me in public

  11. She just liked your shirt she didn’t say you’re hot. Don’t ask out someone who is working ever. It’s always creepy. If she slipped you her number that’s one thing but she didn’t. Say thank you and move on.

  12. If you ever go to dutch bros for coffee, you’ll probably think you’re being hit on. But you’re not. I do love how they converse with and compliment all of their customers

  13. Yes, got told by a woman working in a supermarket that she liked my jumper. I smiled and said thanks – sincerely because it made me feel good. I don’t get a lot of random compliments.

    In no way did I think she was hitting on me.

  14. A cashier in a clothing store once rang my items up, bagged them, looked at me and instead of going “here you go, have a nice day” or something similar, he said “woah, your eyes are amazing. Is that your real hair color?” – “uh, yeah” – “that’s a rare combination!”

    Stuck with me ever since, that was a really good day in April last year.

    Also, don’t ask them out at their work place.
    I’ve done something like that once, went back into a store to drop my number for a girl working there off, but that wasn’t the right call at all. Haven’t gone back to that place. They’re supposed to be nice to you. Don’t mistake that for flirting if they don’t give you their number first.

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