Harvey Weinstein Victims Advocacy Group Protests Spyglass Entertainment’s Gary Barber

A group advocating for victims of Harvey Weinstein protested Spyglass Entertainment head Gary Barber’s office on Friday, demanding that he finally produce the money promised to the victim’s fund.

Barber took control of the film and TV assets of The Weinstein Company in 2019, entering a partnership with Lantern Entertainment, the organization that purchased the disgraced movie mogul’s company after they declared bankruptcy in 2018.

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An offer initially made for The Weinstein Company by a group brought together by former Obama appointee Maria Contreras Sweet included a victim’s fund between $30 and $50 million.

The protesters claimed that victims have not been giving any financial offers by Spyglass.

According to an eyewitness, 10 people protested near the exclusive offices of Barber’s Century City office on Friday, February 14.

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