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Guys with physically demanding jobs, how do you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day?

Hey guys, I started a new job where I’m constantly moving around – a lot of walking, crouching down, etc. Any tips to stay comfortable throughout the day dealing with clothes riding up, and boxers bunching up, and being getting warm and uncomfortable in certain areas, and not being so sore (especially with lower back pain) at the end of it? Thanks for any help!

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  1. Work out. Stronger you are, the less hard you need to work. You’re also less likely to hurt yourself from overexerting yourself.

    Always lift with your legs, not your back.

    Always dress as if it is 10 degrees (F) warmer than it actually is, then bring a layer to put on if you are standing still and not exerting yourself. Make sure your clothes are made from the right materials. Polyester or wool fabrics tend to wick moisture off your skin, which will keep you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Plus they tend to dry off much quicker than something like cotton, which takes forever to dry and will leave you feeling clammy and sticky. This all goes for underwear as well as outer layers.

    Stay hydrated. Drink water and maybe an occasional electrolyte drink rather than soda.

  2. I wear american eagle longer length boxer briefs. They are basically spandex that goes to the top of my knee. Keeps everything min place. Also. Body glide is the product you want. Use it. Trust me. Put it places that rub. Get tighter fitting pants that stretch. Jeans fucking suck. Get jean like material that stretches. Get a really good pair of boots. Don’t be cheap .. clothes should fit proper. You will be wearing them all day and moving around. Get good stuff that fits

  3. I’ve been laying floors for 20 years. Chiropractor, regular stretching and staying active other than work has helped me. As far as your clothes bunching up, I don’t even notice it anymore

  4. Wear briefs and wool socks (assuming you’re wearing steel toes). Always lift with your knees and keep your back straight. Stretching or yoga after work, possibly some stretching throughout the day. I have to wear jeans and chainsaw chaps at work so being dry (not sweaty) doesn’t really happen. Drink tons of water and don’t eat too much throughout the day. You definitely have to pick the best work pants and shirts depending on the job. I had super thin work pants when I was a garbage man and Levi’s jeans (a size or two too big) now that I’m an arborist. Also the light jersey kinda material hi viz shirts are usually the way to go. Good luck and embrace the sweat!

  5. Bro, I am about to change your life, Ive been a firefighter out in California for 4 years now. think long, hot days, hiking 20 plus miles near fire. sweat and chaffing was an issueeeee.

    **Apex wool underwear**, I get it off amazon, just make sure you wash them with other delicates and they’re great.

    and the real game changer, is **DARN TOUGH SOCKS**, I use the ‘tactical’ socks and I can literally wear them for multiple days in a row if I have to. I cannot overhype these.

    and they make these glide sticks, it looks like a deodorant stick, it helps me with trouble spots.

    long story short, wool is your best friend, cotton kills, hydrate up.

    good luck and take pride in your sweat!

  6. I am an arborist (trim/cut down trees for a living). I wear long sleeve sweat wicking shirts. Boxer briefs are great for no bunching. Good shoes or boots are super crucial. Try having a good health regimen outside of your job, that helps alot. I bike atleast 10-20 miles a day for pleasure outside of work and have a strength training routine. Also just realise youre going to be uncomfortable doing hard labor. Its why not everyone does it. You will get sore and stinky and sweaty and getting used to that is first step. Good luck with your job my dude.

  7. do 15 minutes of stretching or relaxation oriented meditation at night. just a bit of aluminum based deodorant under the armpits. bamboo socks against the stink.

  8. Wear boxer briefs with a pouch made from stretchy material for comfort and support. Cotton tends to stretch out and not hold its shape. Trim short or shave groin area. Use gold bond powder.

  9. Tense your stomach muscles when you lift like you’re about to get punched in the stomach. It will take the strain off your back doing all the work to support you during the lift and encourage you to not lift with your back.

    Boxer briefs are really nice. The cool wicking ones or just thin seem to be cooler in general vs the thicker ones.

    Suspenders are also overlooked. Wear them under your shirt during especially difficult work days.

    Also a wet rag around your neck is nice. It just feels cooler and as you sweat through out the day you can wipe your face with it. Wash it as needed throughout the day with cold water.

  10. I have a job that’s physically challenging about 80% of the time. I just let myself get soaked in sweat and at that point I legit don’t notice. Makes me feel nice when I shower then sleep

  11. Don’t curve your back when lifting. Ever.
    Belts are a god sent
    Shoe inserts are great
    Using talc powder on your groin may seem strange but it works to stop a lot of discomfort. Deodorant works in a pinch.
    Work out to loose weight and get stronger. Your work isn’t enough.
    Always warm up a bit before work.
    Get good sleep. Set aside at least 9 hours a night go give you time to fall asleep and wake up as well as sleep.

  12. if you can loose clothing is always good i wear sports shorts that are black so no one ever picks up on it and it is sooo much better then work shorts you can just move so much more

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