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Guys, why are your sisters off limits for your friends to date?

I understand you don’t want to lose a friend if things go south in the relationship but why else would sisters be off limits? I recently heard a group of guys talking about this and was genuinely confused.

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  1. She’s not. My sister can date whoever she wants and so can my brother. I don’t give a fuck about who my siblings date. It’s their life, not mine. I generally want to have as little to do with their life as possible.

  2. There are literally hundreds and thousands of other people whom your friends can date. It may sound like dick move to stop your friends from dating immediate family members but in reality it can turn out fairly complicated. Yes this is selfish, but it will also change the dynamic between siblings as well as friends.

    There are exceptions such as age! As in don’t try and date unless you are willing to go all the way, with full effort. Alternativley you’re both consenting adults and they can’t stop you. Or put in other words do you have the confidence in your friend or family member to actually make an effort at a relationship. Its just natural familial protection that families do even when its not your friend. Generally you want the best for the people you care about and they might not be that, even for eachother. (A third parties biased opinion, at best)

    In reality, there’s nothing a your friend/ sibling can do to prevent it. Given that the only people who will actually decide at the end of the day are the people in the relationship. And hopefully if all goes well (don’t hurt them), the friend can get over themselves.

    Edit: Saw OP’s other posts and wishing all the best to them. Have a great time.

  3. Well my little sister is 16 and my older sister has a boyfriend so there’s that to start. The other part is she’s my sister. I know I can’t keep every dude away from her but I’d really rather it not be someone I’m close with. Yeah I’d love for her to be with a nice guy who I know I can trust and I hang around with so if he hurts her I can kick his ass easier but there’s just something about it that we can’t stand the thought of. Especially since a lot of guys talk about shit like “oh yeah she’s so hot and we fucked last night” or something like that. Also definitely don’t want to hear someone call my sister hot.

    Same would go if I had a little brother. Don’t want friends to get with any family member.

  4. I know a lot of my friends wanted in my Sister’s pants when I was back in school. It was a little eerie but she would ask me about the guys she was interested in for good/bad stuff about them. Some I admitted were total idiots, a couple I gave a bit of a nod to.

    She of course ignored all of that, but whatever. Nothing really bad came of all of it.

    I tried to warn her about her husband too but of course I knew nothing. And that ended up as you might expect.

  5. Beyond the fact she’s married and monogamous? She’s not. But she’s not really into the sorts of things my friends are so they wouldn’t be likely to connect.

    I’ve dated a friend’s sister, it was no big deal.

  6. Well initially when we are kids it’s just an age thing since I’m the big brother. Now actually everyone would be consenting adults so I wouldn’t get in the way because my friends are good people.

    But coincidentally everyone is already married to their SO or passion, so it’s a non issue I suppose.

  7. To me it’s not about losing a friend, it’s that I know him personally and I’ve heard the things he says even if we’re just joking around. It’s hypocritical as af, but looking at it as a guy dating my sister, I’ll be goddam’d if any of my friends date her. They’re not good enough in my eyes.

    Plus I had a bad experience with that particular situation. Ended up punching out someone who obviously isn’t my friend anymore. He was being a jerk off and bragging that he banged my sister and even said it to my face.

  8. No I won’t let them date my sister they are my friends don’t need them to be family, mainly wanna do things with my friends without encountering my sister all them, and yes 3 older brothers we have motivated guys not to per-sue her cos we knew they were assholes

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