Guys who spit their gum in the urinal, why?

Guys who spit their gum in the urinal, why?

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  1. I often wondered about this too and I always thought it was just an asshole thing. Until….

    One day I was peeing and someone cracked a joke and I laughed and my breath mint gum fell out of my mouth into the urinal.

    I was horrified that I became “one of those guys”.

    I legit was debating if I should find away to pick it out with a paper towel but then I just left.

  2. I believe for most people it’s simply a nonchalant thing, when taking a piss your mind pretty much goes relatively blank, all that’s on your mind is take a piss, wash your hands, and get back to whatever else you were doing.

    You’re just kinda standing there pissing thinking “well since I’m here, may as well spit it out now since by the time I leave the bathroom I’m not gonna really want it”

  3. Same reason people litter. They dont have to mental capacity to ponder anything other than their basic survival needs. It’s less a selfish act as it is an act of unintelligence.

  4. Its a way to affect others in an unpleasant way. So many people feel like they are treated poorly that they look for ways to return that feeling. Gum in urinals, cutting people off in traffic, damaging property, etc…

  5. Good question, I think it’s interesting to read way down to the downvoted comments. I think that gives you something of an answer.

    Is it possible that some people are just stupid? I don’t ask this to be bitter or complain etc., but as a real rational question- maybe some people are just so stupid that they don’t think this through at all.

    The other thing I see in those comments lower down is the sense that it does not matter, who cares, which is true, on one level- life is short, it’s not like they’re doing some terrible crime, who cares? Logically, that’s not totally wrong- and I’m overthinking this, but I also think there are two camps in life- those who think they’re contributing to make society livable by being good, and those who think it doesn’t matter, we’ll all be gone soon enough, and within a century or two, even the urinal will be gone. Somehow those two things are right in a way, and they just don’t meet.

  6. It’s a well known fact that men who don’t litter have massive dongs.

    Even if we wanted to spit gum out into the urinal, trying to arc the gum around to hit any porcelain would be difficult.

    Its much easier to just put gum in a wrapper then into the trash.

  7. People do it Cos it’s more convenient than getting a tissue and dropping it in a bin or even just walking over to the bin and spitting it in there. Especially in pubs and clubs when people are drinking they tend to give less fucks.

  8. Wait do people do this? I’ve never seen this happen, I’ve always just swallowed my gum after all the flavor is gone. Maybe that’s why I have fewer brain cells than the next person.

  9. Firstly any bloke whom can’t piss into a toilet or urinal with out managing to piss everywhere but into the toilet or urinal should be wiped from the gene pool.. As for the gum well I guess they are trying to land something in the urinal

  10. Ive probably spit gum once drunk as shit trying to hide the smell of cigarette while trying to get some numbers that night. Spoiler alert, cigs smell like shit and I’ve moved to low nicotine e cigarettes.

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