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Guys who grew their hair out, how did you manage the weird in between period?

I’ve always gone a bit too long between haircuts and have debated just letting it grow a few times now. I’ve never done anything to style my hair, middle school was the trendy look that didn’t age well, and I’ve rocked a sweet fade since high school. To give you an idea, I usually cut it a few weeks after I realize I can’t just hop out of bed and be presentable. With covid I’ve let it go longer than normal and it looks AWFUL. Severe bed head and .. poofyness(?) in the morning and wetting it just makes it look greasy for the rest of the day. No matter what I do I can’t get rid of the ear wings or the waves on my neck. It’s just long enough that I can pull my bangs back with sunglasses and have a weird lip where my hair pops up, uncontrollably behind them. I’m kinda digging the look, but I don’t know how to keep in under control until it’s long enough to look like I’m intentionally growing it and not just unkempt.

Just curious if you guys have any tricks to get through the growing period. Heavy conditioner? Did you style it every morning? Just wear a hat? How’d you handle ear wings? What about the weird patch of hair above the sideburns that make it look like a sideburn combover?

Thanks guys!

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  1. Some random tips from someone who was already growing out before covid, now with hair past my chest:

    * Lots of hair gel, or a hat/beanie. Having no shame also helps, you got to accept that your hair will look like shit for a long while and that everyone in your life will joke about it. Took me about 6 months.

    * Ignore the people who say that you need to cut it to let it grow longer, because that’s bullshit. Grow it out to about shoulder length, then go to a barber and tell them you want to keep it long.

    * Wash your hair once a week, I don’t use anything special, just the shampoo I always used when I had short hair, I also never used any conditioner. You can still take daily showers without making your hair wet. If I need to dry my hair quickly I use a hairdryer, if not I try to do most with a towel and let the rest naturally dry.

    * Comb your hair every morning, some people do it before bed as well. Clits that have been in your hair for a long time will become harder and harder to get out.

    * Look up hair tutorials on YouTube, there are some good ones for men out there, but I found videos aimed at women also very useful. It will be hard to get a hair tie in the first try, it takes some practice.

    * idk how to handle sideburns, because I have some facial hair as well. I keep it very trimmed from slightly above my ear hole down. Maybe just trim little by little until you’ve found your sweet spot. Any form of facial hair comes down to personal preference anyway.

  2. I grew my hair for almost a year during COVID and it grew well. But in the end, it grew too long and didn’t really suit my appearance and haf to chop it all off and get a sick fade instead. Anyway, I used to shampoo my hair every three days and have it look:

    1. Too soft and light on the first day
    2. Perfect on the second
    3. Great on the third
    4. Super greasy on the fourth (then I would shampoo)

    I had a lot of hairfall too. I guess oiling hair well and using little to no products worked for me. I used to rock a beanie because the hair just kinda popped out from behind and I loved it.

  3. No shampoo. Only shampoo 1-3 times a months. Do condition when you get your hair wet. hat or beanie is your friend. Keep growing it out, everyone has some cool hair waiting to be grown.

  4. My haircare routine: For longer hair, you’ll want to shampoo it about once a week **max.** Getting it wet and conditioning it is something to do more regularly in-between shampoo days, but I’d still only do it every three days or so. For everyday maintenance you can just dilute some conditioner in a spray bottle, give it a once-over post-shower (don’t get your hair wet!), and add a little product. Also, use old t-shirts to dry your hair with instead of towels.

    Bobby pins are a great discreet tool to wrangle in stray ear-wingies. You can also rock a headband or wear a bandana. Things like beanies and snapbacks can be used if you want, too; It all comes down to your style and preference.

  5. earwigs are annoying as hell, my glasses usually hold them behind the ear, but i still need to put them back time to time.

    the easiest thing to do is just to put all the hair on the back, but when its not long enough its kinda hard, though you can wear a band to prevent it from falling on your eyes

  6. I’ve grown my hair out several times, and I’m in the middle of doing it again. The biggest help I had last time around was a great hairdresser. Not just a good one but some who really excels at what they do. She cut my hair in such a way that it didn’t remove much length and made me look presentable even as it grew out. I saw her twice in the process of growing it out. Since a lot of the trimming will be about getting the levels even between sides and back you don’t lose too much time if it’s done correctly as the hair cut from the back would need to be cut once it’s finished growing out anyway, and thinning it out helps with the floofyness. The gain of looking like a civilised person outweighs the weeks added to the time until you can tie it up decently. I’d say get it cut by someone who knows their shit, it’ll make the awkward phase a little less awkward. Be sure to communicate clearly that you’re in the process of growing it out and that trimming should be done with that in mind.

    I’ve saved for five months currently and I don’t even look remotely presentable at the moment, I look like there’s something wrong with me, so I’m seeing her on Tuesday.

  7. I have curly/wavy hair, so it pretty much tended to itself while I grew it out. Just be sure to keep it nice and healthy with frequent conditionings. If you have straight hair or just want to style it, check out Schwarzkopf’s göt2b glued – spiking glue. I use it in my mustache and beard (4″+) and it holds all day and night. If you’re just looking to style up your bangs as they grow, give this a shot.

  8. I have almost belt length hair but the dork stages are rough man, blond fine hair is a real nightmare you go from ‘bowl cut’ to ‘daycare window licker’ to ‘Jeff Spiccolli’ if you leave your hair out… but combed back and held with either fiber cream or matte clay until you can get a braid going works, then never ponytail it. Use a braid with a fabric elastics. If you find someone that can do a french braid that’s best for work or anything where you need your hair safely out of the way, and if done right it will not look feminine. Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month so get a slight trim every 6 -8 weeks and your hair will look great. Cantu, Ion, Rusk, Schwarzkopf make great light products, ask the salon/barber supply for advice on your hair type. Thicker more dense hair requires different products than thin sparse hair. Don’t over wash or brush and never go to bed with wet hair, that promotes moisture retention, bacteria growth and scalp flaking and split hair. Wear sunscreen dude! Ya can’t have Lady Godiva hair and a face looks like a hat fulla smashed assholes!

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