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Guys who don’t play sports or go to the gym, what do you do for exercise?

Guys who don’t play sports or go to the gym, what do you do for exercise?

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  1. Dance and cycle.

    I don’t like competition and I had bad experiences in school with team sports, so no sports for me. The gym costs money. Driving places costs money. I can avoid paying for both by cycling. I have weights at home.

  2. I work out at home. I have a small set of weights and a pull up bar. Plus I do tons of push-ups and planks. I also run around with my dog a lot. She’s a 2 year old black lab with endless energy.

  3. I try running outside everyday for 20 mins or every other day. Tbh I don’t like gyms I rather work out alone. If you’re struggling to work out just set a small goal like. Do 20 pushups a day or 10 situps a day and then expand from there. Ik it’s easier said than done, but just set up a small goal and be consistent from there

  4. I work in automotive manufacturing and there’s lots of walking, lifting, using tools. I’ve worked there 4 years now and I know for sure that I’ve become physically stronger than before I started.

  5. I manage a junk removal/donation pick up company.

    We routinely get heavy, wooden pieces of furniture, large file cabinets, gun safes, and other large items my crews and I either donate or recycle. Lifting that stuff for hours almost everyday develops upper body strength real quick. Also gave me a good set of buns and thighs from all the squats.

  6. I’m trying to solve climate change by myself lol. I don’t take a car if I can do whatever it is using a backpack and my feet. I walk nearly everywhere. I fix everything that goes wrong with where I live myself if I can. Gyms (shudders..)

    I have zero interest in having a perfect bod, just a vaguely healthy one and a functioning mind. I love hiking and swimming. I’ve been to a few gyms, but they remind me of dystopian end-of-the-world movies where the exercisers are being processed into some sort of food for the rich. I once made it 10 minutes on a precor and swore gyms off forever.

  7. A lot of walking. It keeps me from being 300lbs but it’s not enough. Lightly remodeling the house and might get to put the room with the weight bench back together this weekend. Arms have become soggy noodles.

  8. I walk a lot. I’m also on my feet a lot with my job, so that’s basically built in exercise. Also, VR gaming can be great exercise. Highly recommend an Oculus Quest 2 if you’re into gaming. Or one of the many PCVR headsets if you have a gaming PC

  9. I do DDP Yoga. Calling it “yoga” is a bit of a stretch, cause while you will recognize yoga positions if you’re into it, the program is more of a mix between bodyweight-, mobility- and interval exercises. I like it because it’s highly adaptable to what you are actually capable of doing, and you are actively encouraged to find solutions to make it work for you. If you’re a complete novice you will do fine if you’re capable of standing up straight, and even if you’re a hardcore gym rat there are advanced programs that are still capable of giving you a run for your money.

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