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Guys, what are some double standards that only apply to men and not women that is frustrating because they barely gets acknowledged and are not talked about much?

Guys, what are some double standards that only apply to men and not women that is frustrating because they barely gets acknowledged and are not talked about much?

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  1. I can’t comfort an upset child in public, or especially private, that is not my own. Whether they have lost a parent in a store, fall off a swing at a park, or can’t figure out or reach the electronic faucet or paper towel dispenser in the restroom. It looks pervy for me to get to close to them. People trust women implicitly with children as care giving and nurturing.

  2. That men are supposed to enjoy drinking, and your masculinity is directly tied to how much you can drink. Sure I can drink socially but I keep it light. I fucking HATE being drunk though.

    That no matter how strong and independent women claim to be if something dangerous is happening they expext men to deal with it. My dick doesn’t make me stab proof.

  3. Domestic violence. In domestic violence cases it’s assumed that it was the man instigating and he is entirely at fault. Many jurisdictions have a police policy where in a domestic dispute the man gets arrested period. The only way around is if the woman admits to instigating and admits that you did not hit her at all. If there’s any toss up about it though, the man gets the cuffs, the woman gets the house.

  4. As a man, you have to conform to what a girl wants because she has standards.

    As a woman, a man should love you for who you are and if he says anything to you he’s a sexist pig and you deserve better

  5. If a man is a virgin he is cruxified by society in his youth as being a loser, can’t get any, lives in his moms basement. If a woman is a virgin, nobody shames her for it, and people say she’s innocent or waiting for the right one.

  6. If somethimg happens between a man and a woman in public, regardless of the reason behind the dispute, people will assume at first that the man is guilty of something and the woman is the victim.

    In public, if a child smiles at a man for any reason whatsoever and the man smiles back, the man is labeled a pedophile on the spot by whoever witnesssed it.

    It doesn’t matter if a man is emotionnally hurt inside if the woman next to him is hurting as well; the woman’s troubles are automatically assumed to be worst and the man to be complaining and to “man up”.

    White men being told to check their priviledges. Unbesknown to many, they don’t really have that much that are worthwhile if they are constantly being admonished over them and having no control being born white and male.

    Likewise, white men being told their opinions do not matter on account of they being a white male. If so, then everyone’s opinions are being weighted solely on skin color and gender; we’re smarter that that in 2020 and whoever retains racist views these days where the other end of the world is just a few clicks away, is willfully ignorant and prefers to cause chaos and discord than seeing things finally get better.

  7. Because I’m a straight, white, male I automatically lose any argument/discussion and my opinion doesn’t matter. I have to check my ‘privileges’ and I’m demonized by just about everyone. Also I cant have any sort of standard or preferences for what I like in a woman but I must obey and follow a woman’s standards like she’s a god damn queen. Also the amount of expectations I get from people who don’t even know my name is astounding.

  8. If your child dies everyone rushes in to comfort the mom and support her. There are hundreds of organisations for her to reach out to.

    If you’re the dad.. Guess what? You’re pretty much fucked. Get back to work immediately after the funeral while the wife can stay home for three years with pay. Oh, and don’t ever crack under the strain or you ‘ll be labeled the agressive asshole.

  9. 1. If a woman is violent towards a man in public, everyone thinks “I wonder what shitty thing he did to deserve that” and they just keep walking. While if a man was violent at all with a woman every bystander/police in a 5 mile radius would intervene and he would be in jail in an instant.
    2. If a women is still a virgin in her 30s: personal choice, religious, hasn’t found the right one, too shy/doesn’t put themselves out there, high standards. If a guy is still a virgin in his 30s: loser.

  10. If a woman is physically assaulting me, even with a weapon, I am expected just stand there and take it until she tires herself out.

    Learned this lesson in school after a girl nearly took my eye out with pen (you could see ink in the white of my eye, that’s how close she came) and I got in trouble for having to temerity to backhand her in the face.

    *She recieved no punishment.*

    Never listened to feminism after that.

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