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Guys- How did you “pop the question?”

Guys- How did you “pop the question?”

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  1. Went to Chicago together, worked with my hotel leading up to that weekend and had them call us to upgrade to suite “for free.” I told them I wanted “will you marry me?” in candles, surrounded by rose petals + roses and champagne. I told my fiancé there was a surprise in the room and to close her eyes… (she thought there was cheesecake inside)

  2. With no spectacle. Ordered the ring, when it arrived, I sat her down at the kitchen table, and just asked her. We’d been together almost ten years at the time, and she knew it was going to happen. It wasn’t a surprise, and much like a lot of our relationship, it wasn’t a spectacle. Just us two together.

  3. I had a group of her friends plan a girls day where they went out and did girly stuff like manicures, spa, etc, culminating in a trip to the beach under the guise of taking pictures. Me and a buddy had set up some tiki torches, candles, rose petals etc. and I ended up popping the question.

  4. We went on vacation while she had a break from law school. I went down to the hotel lobby to pick up pizza. She decided to decided to get stuff out of our suitcases to hang up because little things like that have always been her thing. Ring was in my suitcase. She accidentally found it.

    We’d talked about it for a few months. I already knew what the answer would be. I had planned to do it on the beach our last night there. So instead of a long walk on the beach, we went to a wings and TVs bar, ate wings and got drunk together. We were really hungover for the drive home. Totally worth it.

  5. Naked in bed after a seriously earth shattering few hours of passionate sex. After I asked, I said “hold on, the ring is in the car.” I originally had planned a romantic scenario for the next day, but this was a better time. This is actually the first time I’ve told anyone and it’s been almost 18 years ago. It’s our secret.

  6. Went to Natural Bridge in Virginia, stayed at the nice older hotel right there, took her on a walk under the Natural Bridge, then asked her on the other side as soon as I got away from everyone. Went back to the hotel room where they had roses waiting.

  7. So im 22 rn and was 21 when I did it. With covid being a thing there wasnt really many options. So I had told a few people i was gunna do it and may have dropped accidental hints through out that week to her. It was infront of the house i got her best friend to order the ring for me. Our 6th year anni was coming up as well so I wanted to wait till then but could not wait coz at this point she knew i was crying infront of my manager for like 2 hours lmfao. That whole week was so stressful had to hide my mac and my phone from her. Anyways it was outside our drive way with my mom her mon and two friends that helped decorate the drive way the video is my pinned tweet if you wanna see it jxy150

  8. We like hiking ALOT. We planned a trip to Colorado and went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Mountains in the background, ontop of a frozen lake, with nature completely surrounding us. It was perfect!

  9. We were in my barracks in our usual state of attire. I got the ring out of my closet and knelt beside the bed in my birthday suit and asked her to marry me. 20 years later, we still joke about it.

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