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Guys dating a girl who’s significantly smaller than you, how is it dating someone that small?

Guys dating a girl who’s significantly smaller than you, how is it dating someone that small?

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  1. My wife is almost a full foot shorter than me. I have to reach things for her pretty regularly. If I put something on top of the refrigerator, there’s a 0% chance she’d ever find it.

    Also, she’s convinced I’m massively hung… which I’m not. But to her, it’s huge. That’s nice.

    Other than that, everything is pretty normal.

  2. It’s fine. Our height difference doesn’t affect our relationship too much.

    I think it makes her look *adorable*, though. Specially when she’s angry. She’s like a ravenous chihuahua.

  3. I’m 6’4 and she’s 5’2. Pretty fun is you ask me ahaha. I love that I can just pick her up whenever I want 🤣. Being big spoon at night is even better when you can fully encapsulate her.
    She also loves the piggy back rides and is always shocked at what my view of the world is “from up here”.

    A lot of people we meet comment on our height difference, not in a negative way tho.

    All in all, love the fact that she’s much shorter than me 😁

  4. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get the stuff off of the high shelves for her, and she gets the stuff from the bottom shelves/cabinets for me. We’re the undisputed chicken fight champs in the pool, too.

  5. One of the first things I noticed was she couldn’t wrap her hand around my dick. Besides when having sex at first I couldn’t go all out, had to lower the intensity dam near down to zero. Almost broke her a few times during sex, you forget being a little over a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier makes it easy to really hurt someone.

    Outside of sexual situations it’s impossible to find a small girl out in crowds. Everything else is standard for the most part.

  6. I’m 6’6 and she is 5’2. I only notice it when we are in public. Previous GF was 5’0. People constantly make comments I brush off, but my GF gets really irritated by them. Hugs can be difficult. We can’t slow dance properly.

    I do have to constantly reach for stuff for her. The GF that was 5’0 couldn’t change light bulbs in her house without a step ladder or until I came to visit.

  7. In a culture where men are labeled toxic and women empowerment is promoted, I feel good being needed. When my girlfriend asks me to get something off the shelf because she can’t reach it is an amazing feeling.

  8. Wife is a foot shorter than me. Daughters as it turns out will be as short or shorter. While not a big deal, I do have to educate my wife on what is challenging for me.

    I don’t need a step ladder to reach something that is on a shelf 6ft or so high. She runs to get one if I need to get a bowl from the kitchen cabinet shelf 6+ ft high. But I also have to teach her (constantly) I can’t reach something that is 9ft up either. Yeah, that light up in the ceiling that needs changing, need to get a ladder for that.

    And yeah, I end up carrying a lot of stuff too.🤷‍♂️

  9. I’m 6’1″ and my last gf was 5’2″.. when you’re a tallish guy, you kind of just get used to girls seeming small.

    I will say though, in relation to all the sex talk in this topic, that my ex (who was the shortest girl I’ve dated) was the only woman I slept with that I could basically just tee off on. 5’10”, 5’9″ girls I had to take it easy with. So I don’t think anatomically small girl = small vagina.

  10. I’m a pretty big guy (not particularly fat but big). Basically every woman I’ve ever dated has been significantly smaller than me. It’s not that bad but I purposefully choose to date woman who are taller than average. I don’t really think it affects our relationship too much. I don’t date petit women because women that short would lead to genuine concern about crushing them and even if it would never happen, I wouldn’t be comfortable. It might be an irrational fear but it’s true.

  11. I’m always careful about where she is and how far I am from get when I’m moving things as I weigh almost three times what she does. And I let her go up or down the stairs first.

  12. I’m 6’8″ she’s 5’6″. Honestly it never really registers. My previous girlfriend was the same sort of height but chubby which I was never fond of as I’m very fit. My gf now is petite at about 55kg so my favourite part is how easy it is to lift her and I can overhead press her with ease, how feminine her body seems and how much fitter she is to keep up with me. Height never really factors in. Frankly at my height the only time I take notice is when someone is within an inch or two of my size.

    I’d happily date someone 6ft but I know I prefer petite frames now too.

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