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In a very short sentence; SmitFraudFix is a very complicated Adware and spyware removal tool that has become more and more necessary since the creation and rampant use of the SmitFraud computer virus. You may not even know what the SmitFraud virus is at all and may not even know that it has embedded itself into your computer unless or until you start getting a great deal of pop-up ads that most of the pop-up blocker programs just cannot keep from coming up. You will also see you desktop background changed from whatever you had it set on to a simple blue screen; which is referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death”.

Sometimes you will unknowingly install this particular virus without even knowing it when you click on a link that you will find in many of the fake or fraudulent e-mails that you are getting advising new and different Anti-Spyware programs that are actually this particular little computer virus. There are several different things that you need to do to get this virus out of your computer.

This spyware removal tool is free to download and will guide you through the process of scanning your hard drive to find this virus. Once you have installed this software you will need to create a folder that will have the report of all of the infected files that this software finds and deletes. After you do this then you will need to re-start your… in Safe Mode which can be done by hitting the F8 key right after you re-start… before the Windows icon appears on the screen. If you see the windows icon before you hit the F8 key, you are already in the boot-up process. You need to choose option number 2 to delete all of those files and clean the Registry of the keys that allow this virus to work as it does. Once you have cleaned the registry and desktop you need to have SmitFraudFix check the wininet.dll for any signs of infection and replace th e infected file with a clean version of this same file. The .dll files are essential for the computer to do what you are asking it to. You will probably be asked to re-start your computer to completely finish this cleaning process. Most of us are used to doing this anyway when we have installed or deleted anything.


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