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If you’re an overwhelmed office manager or an entrepreneur trying to stay on top of everything, you really need to think about establishing an automated appointment calendar scheduling system. Yes, scribbling appointments on a calendar that’s buried beneath piles of miscellaneous paperwork on your desk has probably proven to be cheap and reasonably workable — but has it, really?

How much stress and frustration are you experiencing as a result of not being able to quickly and easily go to a web page and see at a glance what appointments have been scheduled? Not to mention, how amazing would it be if your customers could look at the schedule online and book their own appointments based on availability? How much time would it save you? Instead of answering phone calls and trying to figure out if a particular date and time are available for an appointment, you could instead be focusing on other things.

The challenge that most people face is transitioning from a manual scheduling system where appointments are haphazardly scribbled on a sheet of paper or calendar to one in which you and your customer can both access an automated online scheduling system. Imagine how much more “in control” you’d feel if you could visit a web page and see what times and dates are available for an appointment? Better yet, what if your customers could do that without having to even contact you? There would be full transparency. Your customers would be able to see that certain times and dates are booked or otherwise unavailable. They, in turn, could then search for an alternative date and time. The brilliance of this kind of system cannot be understated.

If you’re a business that currently handles all scheduling matters over the phone, the first step is to do away with pencils and paper-based calendars. Start booking everything via a web based scheduling system. Do that for a number of weeks until you’re completely comfortable with the system. Then, start educating your customers and prospective customers about your online appointment booking system. Let them know that they can see for themselves what dates and times are available for an appointment to be scheduled.

Before long, you will have made the transition from a manual appointment scheduling system to a fully automated one. Trust me, you’ll never go back to doing things the “old fashioned way” once you have experienced the efficiency and transparency that comes with using appointment scheduling software.

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