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There are times that we realize the true value of a person only after they have walked away. So if you want to get your wife back you have to be prepared to do a lot of groundwork and a lot of effective persuading. Here is what you need to do successfully get your wife back.

Don’t badger your wife

Since your wife has left you don’t think even for a moment that it was an easy decision for her to take. She needs some time to come to terms with a lot of things that might have transpired in your relationship. So instead of badgering her, just give her some time alone so that she can sort out her issues and be able to tolerate you.

Don’t on an apology trip

Calling again and again and apologizing profusely isn’t going to help you at all. Sending I’m sorry flowers, I’m sorry cards and I’m sorry gifts will annoy her even more. Just offer her one good apology and let things rest for a bit.

Take help from a marriage counselor

Head to a marriage counselor or a therapist to get your issues sorted. Taking help form your friends is going to land you in deeper trouble as their opinion is going to be biased. A therapist or a counselor will help you identify your problem areas and will help you to sort out your problems.

Work on your negative aspects

You will have to make the changes that the counselor has asked you to not just to get your wife but also for keeping her happy. Unresolved issues can show up later. So before you approach your wife make the necessary changes to change your negative aspects.

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Approach your wife

After some time has passed meet your wife. Tell her that you wanted to apologize for hurting her the way you did and that you are sorry that you didn’t realize what she was worth. Tell her all the things you have realized about yourself and what all steps you have taken to change.

Try to be friends first

Gradually increase your interaction with her. Be her friend and try to look at life from her perspective. Soon you will begin to come closer and will get a little more comfortable with each other.

Put the past behind

You must go to couples therapy to cement your relationship, resolve all mutual issues and put the past behind you. Promise to love each other and work hard to make your relationship stronger.


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