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An important tool set to have is Internet porn filters. They block porn sites and their ‘xxx’ related content to protect the safety of your family. This filter can be of help and benefit to both adults and kids, and there are a few ways to use this filter to help control usage on the computer.

Said filter will be helpful to parents that are trying to prevent their kids from accessing certain content on the web. It allows kids to be limited to viewing only a few chosen “safe sites”, as well as making it possible to block access to many inappropriate websites. Parents can also limit the amount of time the kids spend on the computer by setting up time restrictions.

A parent or adult can also benefit from internet porn filters being installed. It can remove spam from the inbox, block ‘xxx’ related content (which often contains hidden viruses!), pop-ups and warn someone about questionable websites. All of these actions decrease the chances of the computer being infected by a virus. A password can also be created for adults, to allow access into the websites that are blocked for viewing by children.

Having a filter on the computer will block porn sites from bombarding your screen, and this eases the minds of parents by ensuring that content is being controlled properly.

Available for both a PC and a Mac, this easy to use software is a must have for anyone needing to protect their family from inappropriate content.

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