GOP Sen. Lankford on President Trump’s church photo-op – live news stream

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., discusses President Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church, saying it “distracted” from the “message of unity” the president had just given in the Rose Garden.

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  1. Let's not divide each other by asking me why I support the president, during the impeachment, the Russian interference, the pandemic, the great depression, the record unemployment, the record deficit, a call to use the military on US streets, and after he steamrolled his way through the protesters to hold up a Bible in front of St.Johns as flash bangs were going off behind the cameras.

  2. Ok…you didn't answer the question….apparently you don't understand or know about the "Posse Comitatus Act" either…before you people get on air…read up on what's going on…and what the "laws" of the U.S. say !!! Will remember this at election time !!!

  3. Trump pushed the priests off their own church. The priests were out there handing out water, and here comes Trump's army of police and secret service to tear gas these people so that he could pose with a bible. He didn't even pray there, didn't talk to the priests. He was angry that people said he was hiding in a bunker. His ego got to him, again.

  4. I’m in a suburb of LA. I’m actually nervous! I’m an RN, stuck with crappy PPE, then laid off… now worried about my safety. Thanks Democrats!

  5. Unfortunately I'm from Oklahoma. This person has always skirted the issues and always seems to have a reason to support, condone practically anything the orange glow stick says. Oklahoma is a true red state and this ghostly looking man will probably be re-elected. He's a disgrace. I wish just 1 Republican would stand up and do the right thing and call the orange glow stick out on all of his madness. I wonder how he sleeps at night? I hope his conscious whips him on a regular basis. Maybe one day reality will slap him dead in the face when it hits close to home for him. They all know the glow stick will turn on them at the drop of a dime. Right now they are all robots following the puppet master and doing his will. God help us.

  6. So she asks you about your non-supportive NAACP record, after you ran your mouth about how much you support the black community, but your record shows what's really in your heart, and who u really r ! You really trying to say she's being divisive? DUDE, IT'S YOUR RECORD!!!!🤯 you mad cause she let everybody see what a lier you are! Own your RECORD!!!!

  7. No surprise!!! The republican klan continues to show their hateful, racist, lying, murderous tyrannical selves to the nation and the world!
    Conservatives are biological terrorists with the handling of the covid 19
    The gop are actual nazis for their concentration camps with dying Mexican children at the border.
    The fact trump * impeached threatened harm and death upon his own citizens should be enough to remove him and his Nazi administration.
    Set boundaries
    Love forgive but sentence them all to life!
    Let them cry out with scripture but send them all to prison to life.
    F’ ing traitors!

  8. Trump didn't give a good speach in the rose garden, he clearly spoke the word's of someone else however his actions spoke louder than word's..We have a lunatic president who has declared war on our country….

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