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Getting my first pedicure tomorrow. What the hell do I ask for?

I have taken very poor care of my feet over the last few years, but the last year has gotten out of control. Tons of dry, cracked skin all over the place. Random callouses everywhere. Toe nails long, curvy, and full of junk. I’ve gotten my 2nd COVID shot recently and I’m fed up with this so I’m getting a pedicure tomorrow.

But when I walked in the shop to make the appt and saw everyone doing all this fancy shit I kinda realized I don’t know wth I’m doing. I don’t even know what “pedicure” is. I just assumed that means they make your feet look nice, but I don’t know exactly what that entails or what I need to ask for (order? Like, order off a menu. Not demand) for that to happen.

I just felt completely lost. I want to make sure I get what I need without asking for a bunch of unnecessary extra shit thats gonna run up my bill.

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  1. From your description, it sounds like they might need bolt cutters and a belt sander. Maybe pony up for like an extra foot soak with oils or a paraffin treatment or whatever. (Not sure what the options are.) And if your feet really do look like you hiked the Appalachian trail barefoot, TIP VERY WELL. I pity the girl who gets to do you. And going forward, wtf! Groom yourself! Women (if that’s your thing) do NOT get with guys with knarly feet.

  2. Look up the shop on Google and see if they have a list of services. If not, I’d just ask for a “basic pedicure”. Basic will usually get you trimmed/cleaned nails, de-calloused, and sometimes a nice foot massage with lotion. My husband used to get pedicures with me all the time and every place we’ve gone has automatically given him this sort of treatment.

  3. Word of advice, don’t plan on doing any long hikes right after this. You have those callouses for a reason and the that reason won’t feel good on soft skin. Source: I knew some guys who got their first pedicures about 36 hours before a timed 12-mile ruck march. There was blood.

  4. First, what the hell dude? Second, you should just get the best package they have. Yes it’s going to include some shit you don’t need. But they’ll also spend more time on your feet, which is what you need. After that, you can get lower packages to maintain whatever they do for you.

  5. Have you gone to a cosmetic place as opposed to like a podiatrist?

    Given your feet as described, you need the latter.

    When you go in, explain, be upfront that you don’t know and that they’re pretty bad. Just ask them to do what they recommend as a professional in the time given. You should have broad objectives you want meeting… Problem areas? is it for comfort or looks? Dry skin Vs nails?

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