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Gentlemen, have you ever seen something you shouldn’t have seen (friends, family, GF/BF) and what was the reaction?

Have you ever seen something you shouldn’t have seen?

Yesterday I was fixing my friend’s computer and saw a random folder so… I couldn’t resist and opened it. It was a folder with only one picture… his thing down…

I don’t know how to react. I can’t tell him what I did, but afterwards when I see him, that picture is on my mind instantly.


Looks like I have to suppress that…

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  1. I decided to go to our swimming pool, shortly after my younger sister(we were both in our mid 20’s) followed. For whatever reason, she decided to put on her high school bikinis and they were obviously too small, especially her top. I had my back turned on her when she jumped into the pool. When she resurfaced, I turned and saw it : one for her boobs literally busted out from her top in “full glory”. I said : hey sis something came out, first she was like : the hell are you talking about, than I pointed out on my chest, she looked down and instantly covered it. We never talked about it again.

  2. Back in uni, I always invited (or he invited himself) a good friend of mine at my dorm. In the study room , we were working on our own homework and he asked me my opinion on his essay. Since the essay is long , he just gave me his PC and went on to play on his phone while I was reading. By mistake , I reduced the window so I pressed Alt-tab which is basically a shortcut to switch between your different open windows. Turned out I pressed twice and ended up on a completely different page : “80 yo granny d*epthroat teen” or something similar. Took all my willpower to not react. I closed the window and went back on the homework, directly told him ” all good for me ” and gave him the PC back.

  3. I saw my grandma completely naked when I was a kid.

    My grandpa had picked me up from school to spend the entire evening with them, and when we got there I wanted to look at a certain book, located with the rest of their books on a bookshelf in their bedroom. I didn’t think anything of their bedroom door being shut since they always kept it shut so the dog didn’t get on the bed. However, the door was not locked, so I didn’t even knock and just opened the door.

    My grandma had just gotten out of the shower and was picking out her clothes. It took half a second for her to cover up, but that half second is seared into my memory forever. It was just as you would expect, all wrinkles and saggy flesh, and a very hairy bush.

    On the plus side, years later when I had to help her get up off the toilet one time, it was much less awkward because I mentioned the incident where I walked in on her as a kid. She was starting to cry, but it broke the tension and she no longer felt ashamed that I was picked her up off the toilet.

  4. I saw my coworker’s fiancé making out with another guy in a movie theater. At first, I felt like I needed to tell him, bro code and all.

    But then I realized what a dick he always has been to me and I decided I should mind my own business. Plus, maybe they just have an open relationship.

  5. In middle school, my first time at a girls house.. I went to use her bathroom and she had a thong on the ground behind the door that was just covered in period blood

  6. My cross country team and I were going to a cross country meet last year, and I wanted to talk to my friend who was a seat up from me so I stood up, it was a school bus btw, and called his name hovering over him. I saw him with his phone deleting a pornhub tab which caught me off guard, and after he deleted it we both looked at each other and I thought about talking about it as a joke cause we both joke around like that, but I thought that was too far so I pretended not to see it and just continued talking it was pretty awkward and could tell he was embarrassed lol

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