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G’day Brissie: sorry if this is completely mental. I’m thinking of walking from Noosa to Brisbane over 3 days, sleeping rough and raising money for The Kids’ Cancer Project. Late October / Early November. Would anyone like to come with me ? “Captain Australia’s LITTLE WALK” ?

**EDIT: Brisbane, My City, people, thank you so much for your kindness this past month. When I started getting out and about dressed as a boofhead superhero (in advance of my BIG WALK – Brisbane to Melbourne 26.12.21), I didn’t know I’d find so much kindness.**

**I realise that “Captain Australia’s LITTLE WALK” (which you’ll see proposed/explained below) was a bad idea. I thought I might get lucky and attract a few fascinating people, Mad Viking types, who could be up for it, and I could share in the experience, the adventure of my BIG WALK hands on with a few people, and share that with my City. I feel close to you, warmed by your kindness, I guess that’s what brought me to the idea.**

**But it was a bad idea.**

**I realise now, I’m a bit of a freak of nature. I’m going to walk continuously a long and winding walk of somewhere around 2400km, over a period of about 10 weeks. It won’t be crazy continuous walking, I plan to visit places, meet people, smell the roses.**

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**But I did try and Viking up and walked to the Gold Coast a couple of weekends back – it was HARD – but I also found new little pieces inside me. I found some of my Pride again, for example (after a long debilitating fight with cancer). Too much pride is ugly, a little bit sprinkled over your ethics is useful.**

**I just realise now that in pulling poor innocent people from the public into my strange and curious world, it’s a recipe for disaster. The long distance, sleeping rough adventure, I mean.**

**I might put this Noosa idea aside. I may still do it myself, but I think I might even preserve those 2 nights away and stick with the wife & kids, because I’ll be away for so long from December. I don’t really need the solo test, I’m ready. The Noosa thing was about US. My city. My (unsound) thinking was to shake my city and see if anybody like me fell out.**

**Yep, this Noosa test run with other people wasn’t a good idea, I’d hate it if somebody popped a back, a knee, or got horrible blisters.**

**But I’d LOVE to meet anyone for little pieces of my BIG WALK (26.12.21). The first little bit from King George Square through Southbank .. heck, however long you’d want to walk for (plan to sleep somewhere around Dreamworld that first night). If you’re anywhere between Brissie and the Gold Coast and wanted to walk for a little, I’ll post more info on that as the time approaches.**

**Once I’m out into the wild, I’d love to stop and talk to people, about life, cancer, dirty limericks, whatever it is. Share a beer. But that first few days the focus will be on getting down toward Byron Bay, more ‘out into the world’**

**Jeez, I’m sorry for the essay. I’ve taken up your time proposing something last night, I just wanted to come back and update saying I think it’s not the best idea. Thanks so much for the people who offered support and help and to get onboard for a part of it though, that really is wonderful.**

**Thanks so much for your time, sorry for using you as a sounding-board, Brissie.**

**All the best**

**Simon / Captain Australia**


G’day Brissie

Please note: this would be a hard slog. 50km per day, sleeping rough, possibly facing weather. It’d be a journey, a bit of a Quest, a challenge. My guestimate would be something like 4x 3 hour walks each day, with an hour or so in-between to rest the feet (possibly in the ocean). We ride the train up to Noosa and walk back over 3 days, with two nights sleeping rough.

I’m thinking of doing it for myself as a final preparation for ‘Captain Australia’s BIG WALK’ (26.12.21 – details below). But then I thought it might be a nice chance to raise a bit of a crew, and we could have an adventure, film bits of it, make a unique memory, maybe a bit like “The Expendables 5: Boofheads in Paradise”

**Now, elephant in the room: no need to dress up as a superhero. BUT. C’mon. You know you want to.**

Each person participating could try and get friends & family to sponsor them in advance, so we could raise some sweet sweet dollars for the charity (The Kids’ Cancer Project – goal is to eliminate paediatric cancers in our lifetime).

It’s mental, isn’t it ? I’ve been living in a cancer cave of pain for the past 4 years, so the lines have all become blurred for me. Is there anybody out there who thinks this could be a nice adventure to sign up for ?

At this point, I just wanted to run it up the flagpole and see if anybody saluted.

If you would seriously look at participating in something like this, could you let me know ? Even if there are just 3 people in Brisbane, I think we could Viking up and have this little adventure together, and maybe it would be a fun little fundraiser in advance of my (substantially more mental) BIG WALK.

No insurance, no corporate bullshit, everybody is an adult and responsible for their own decision-making. Crises and problems, needing to bail, challenges that come up on the road: we team up and deal with it adhoc.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this walk by myself if nobody is interested, the idea just sprung into my mind tonight that it could be a really nice way to have a mini-walk with any Brisbanites who were up for it. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound awkward or cringey, but since I started my Mad Quest, I’ve gotten a fair amount of love from my city. I’m very very grateful for that. I can’t say how much. I was a walking ghost just less than a year ago.

Just let me know thoughts, or let the tumbleweed go realing past if the idea really is super-crazy (I don’t have the tools to tell, haha).


**Links and info below for anybody who wants it:**

CHARITY PAGE (donate!): [](

PERSONAL BLOG (rabbit hole!): [](

FACEBOOK (live streams!): [](

THE PROJECT (story explains it all better than I can): [](

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