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Gamers how annoying is it having to upgrade your Game Consoles every 5 years?

Just bought Xbox one in 2016 when I was 18 now I’m 23 and another is out two actually and it’s just so annoying having to keep paying for this shit why can’t they upgrade every at least 11 years or something not every 5 I just don’t understand and these consoles aren’t cheap it’s a lot of money every time paying for a console running for 500 dollars?

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  1. Playstation 4 (2013.11.15) to Playstation 5 (2020.11.12) were 8 years.

    Xbox One (2013.11.22) to Xbox Series X (2020.11.10) were 7 years.

    So if you would have get the last two consoles it would have cost you $62.50 (Playstation) or $71.50 (Xbox) per year. I don’t really think that it is a lot. Especially when you have a job, time will be your main problem later.

    Also of course no one has to update to the next version immediately, like there are still enough games coming for the PS4. So you could push that price down even further if needed.

    The other option is to get a gaming PC. The system stays the same and you can simply upgrade single parts of the PC. You also have the option to lower the graphic quality of the games to keep playing with older hardware.

  2. Not that much different from upgrading a PC. It’s how gaming is, it evolves. I don’t spend money too much so I usually wait a couple of years for new investments.

  3. I mean you don’t have to do anything. I’ve been playing games on and off for 30 years and I’m hardly in fashion. I brought a ps4 when red dead redemption 2 came out and before that I had the xbox 360 which I only brought to play GTA5. I don’t feel like I have to do anything and I’m still catching up in a load of great games I haven’t played (going to play death standing and dark souls this summer). I’ll probably get a ps5 in a few years when its stellar release comes out or it falls massively in price.

  4. You don’t have to upgrade. You can play the same games at the same speeds with the same console. The problem is most gamers want new games to have great graphics, and to get there the consoles have to use the newest technologies which are constantly changing.

  5. Idk I bought my Xbox one 7 years ago for like what 300 bucks? That’s like 45 bucks a year. I still am using it too lol got the new COD and everything else is still coming out for it.

  6. Very. But you learn to pick and choose. Having a PC helps, I built mine at near top of the line specs for about $1200 in 2012 and it’s still hanging in there now. Need to upgrade the graphics card but other than that working fine.

  7. Well I’m more of a PC guy but my feeling about upgrading is that I quite like it.

    It’s a hobby for me so it’s fun to treat myself with a new part and putting in it. Kind of like working on your car I guess? I get to choose what I upgrade, when, and how much I want to put in. Just like you have a choice to upgrade to the current gen console, no one is forcing your hand.

    I don’t feel forced to upgrade, I decide what I play and the graphical settings. So I’m well aware that I can’t play the latest game at great performance. If I want that bit extra fps maybe that will become my excuse to buy new parts 😀

  8. When I was a teenage its was a thing. As an adult, I have an outdated xbox and a few games I enjoy. I dont feel the need to drop 499 on the latest and greatest.

  9. Well 5 years is an eternity in terms of technology so it’s really not that bad but I still see where you are coming from. I haven’t upgraded just because to me the graphics and speed upgrades are minimal and not worth an immediate upgrade. Until something earth shattering happens that’s when I get excited and find a way to upgrade. I use this strategy for all tech and instead Invest In the companies instead.

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