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Free Food if you like Soup!

I have recently been over-filling my freezer in a mixture of trying to be healthy and I have a small side of hoarding some tinned tuna.

I’be come to realise that despite my good intentions, I’m far happier being fat and eating bad food. Soup, while super healthy, just isn’t my jam, and it is currently taking up a lot of realestate in my freezer.

It’s a veg soup (sadly made on beef stock, soz veggos) with cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, and a mild curry paste. It’s genuinely yummy, I just keep forgetting that I don’t really like eating soup unless it’s a tiny lil appetiser before something larger and meatier. Other than that I can guarantee that it will be choc-a-block with health and deliciousness!

Is there anyone on here who is located in Brisbane, who would like 8x of those plastic food containers they sell at Coles, they hold 650ml, and are probably about 550ml full.

I’m not looking for anything in exchange, just to make sure that someone eats the soup and it isn’t a waste. Even better if its someone who really needs it.

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