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For those times when stress is constantly building, what do you do to relax?

Wife and I recently moved into a new house. The place itself is amazing, but I’m getting way more stressed and neurotic than is normal for me. I’ve seemed to hit peak stress and I have no idea what to do.

I’m currently in a hotel for a few days, with the hope that being away from the house will do me some good. I’ve never been particularly good at managing myself when I get too stressed out. So men, how do you convince your mind and body to chill out?

(Also, I know I need to be medicated in some way. I had a really bad reaction to my last antidepressant, so I’ve taken a bunch of time off of everything to get it out of my system. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday to figure something out, but in the meantime, I’d like some ideas on how to chill)

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  1. What’s so stressful about moving to a new house? Especially after you get the keys.

    Get your mail switched over, get utilities started, change your address at work and on whatever platform it matters, start insurance….you can do most of that from the couch with a beer in your hand.

  2. I have the same bad habit of being “go, go, go” and then completely burning out. You know what’s helped me tame that? Weed.

    When I’m burnt out, I know it’s important to recharge my batteries by relaxing. Problem is, I can’t relax if there’s too much work left to do. I think about it and worry about how stopping now will cause problems later and, and, and…

    Smoking weed calms my brain down so I can detach from my work or projects. That’s when my brain and body begin to heal most quickly – when I chill and authentically enjoy it.

  3. Do u have someone to talk to? Like someone u trust. Accumulated stress can lead u to depressive episodes, just like I do these days.

    I tend to pray / meditate at somewhere quiet, where no one or nothing can distract me.

    I also try to take courage, and open up to someone I trust. This depends on your preference – whether you’d like to meet outside, or just speak over the phone. (During the pandemic, I feel more calm talking to someone I trust. Listening to their voice also makes me feel that things will get better.)

    I hope these kinda make sense to you, or at least spark some idea on what you can try.

  4. We moved back in January and I remember it being overwhelming. I just tried to focus on prioritizing and only focusing on one task at a time. I outsourced when possible as well, so like the lawn needed mowing and I paid someone to do it just to have it off my plate.

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