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For the love of god someone tell me the most efficient way not to get beard hair all over the bathroom or spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. What’s the best process?

For the love of god someone tell me the most efficient way not to get beard hair all over the bathroom or spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. What’s the best process?

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  1. Put double sided tape on every square inch of the counter,the floor, the walls, the ceiling.
    Saran wrap your entire toilet and faucet.

    Create double airlock entrance to bathroom.
    Create a ventillation system.
    Install oxygen lines, pressure regulator, and HEPA filter.
    Engineer the first vacuum razor combination.
    Even if you did all of this my room mate would still find a way to leave beard hairs in the bathroom after he shaves.

    Edit: so… i found out today vacuum razors are a thing on amazon.. look up philips norelco beardtrimmer 7300 lol

  2. You can buy a cloth which ties around your neck and is attached by two suckers to the mirror in front of you. It catches almost all the hair. Vacuum trimmers are also available but are expensive. You could hold a household vacuum beside the trimmer.

  3. Trim in the shower just before you shower… before you start the water but while you are naked. Let that hair fly then wash it down with the shower. All you need is a hand mirror.

  4. Shave/trim your beard over the sink… the wet basin will make the hair stick to it. You can easily gather most of the hair by wiping it up and throwing it in the trash. The few remaining hairs can be washed down the sink without a problem.

  5. Wedge a blow dryer into the towel rack on your wall and angle it so it’s blowing just beneath your chin, and hang a full sized trash bag on the opposite side of you so when the hair falls from your face it’s blown directly into the trash bag. That way you can waste both electricity and plastic and don’t have to simply clean up with a single paper towel afterward like some earth loving hippy.

  6. I cover the sink and counter top with a large bath towel, and lean over that to trim. Take it outside to shake and then wash the towel. Would work less well in an apartment building than a house. Thank you for come to my tedx talk.

  7. Pull string garbage bag. Put one string around your neck the other on the faucet. The open garbage bag should be right under your chin. This isn’t fail proof but will save your drain a little. Grocery bags work fairly well too.

  8. Take a towel, wrap it around your neck like they do in a barber shop, tape the bottom side to the mirror. Remove it and dispose when done.
    Using an apron to fo this is a very good alternative.

  9. Use a small sheet like a bib, similar to why barbers use them, and drape it over the sink so it becomes a catch bowl. When done, gather it up, hold it like a chute, and empty into the trash or john.

  10. I just shaved off my scruff. I just got the waste basket (which has a liner) and stuck my head over it. Got my wahl peanut and pointed the part i was shaving downward toward the bin and shaved in the direction i wanted to hair to fall.


    Took me 5 minutes. Maybe a few stray hairs fall off of me into the sink before i could get a towel on my face.

  11. I use a dry foam paint ‘brush’ to wipe it into a pile, then into the bathroom trash can. Also also shave my head. Hair gets everywhere. I’m not thrilled with my solution but it’s the best I’ve found.

  12. Shave in the shower. You know where your face is, you can feel any missed spots. It’s hard to get perfectly even sideburns, but not hard to approximate it.

  13. There’s been quite a few replies so far but what I learned from my roommate is to put a body towel over the whole sink and counter. Fold it up and shake it outside or, what I like to do is, shake it out in the shower and then shower.

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